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        Thijmen - Friday 24 March 2024

        Donny Terek's 3D-Printed bluetooth speaker project!

        At SoundImports, we understand the satisfaction that comes from building something with your own hands. That's why we were excited to sponsor a detailed video tutorial that guides you through creating your very own portable Bluetooth speaker.


        Donny Terek's YouTube channel


        This project demonstrates the potential of high-quality sound components when placed in the hands of a capable and inventive individual. The video tutorial provides a clear and practical guide to building your own speaker, complemented by our reliable Dayton Audio coaxial driver and other essential audio elements.


        Our commitment to supporting projects like these stems from our belief in the power of quality sound and the joy of making it accessible to everyone. For those who share this passion, we’ve made it easy to find and purchase the same high-quality components used in the video:



        We hope this tutorial serves as a valuable resource for both the DIY novice and the seasoned hobbyist alike. Our aim is to offer not just products but also inspiration for your next audio project. 

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