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        Thijmen - Monday 14 June 2024

        What are bass shakers and why are they so popular?

        In the world of audio experiences and home entertainment, bass shakers are an increasingly popular phenomenon. But what exactly are bass shakers and why are they so popular with audio enthusiasts and gamers? In this blog, we will discuss what bass shakers are and what features, applications and benefits they have.


        What are bass shakers?

        Bass shakers, also called tactile transducers, are devices that produce vibrations based on low-frequency signals (bass sounds) played through audio equipment such as amplifiers or home theater systems. Instead of producing sound through air, as traditional speakers do, bass shakers transmit vibrations to surfaces with which they are in contact. This creates a sense of physically tangible bass, adding an extra dimension to the listening, gaming or viewing experience.


        How do bass shakers work?

        A bass shaker consists of an electromagnetic coil that begins to vibrate when driven by an audio signal. These vibrations are transmitted to the surface to which the bass shaker is attached, such as a chair, sofa or even a floor. For example, when you are watching a movie or playing a game, and there is an explosion or a deep bass line, you feel the vibrations through your body. This causes you to be sucked deeper into the experience, making it more intense.


        Image from customer - SimRig

        Flight-Simulator setup


        Advantages of bass shakers

        Compact and space-saving

        Bass shakers are small and take up little space, which is a big advantage over large subwoofers. This makes them ideal for smaller rooms where you still want to experience powerful bass without a large speaker in the way. You can easily mount them under furniture, making them virtually invisible but still having a big effect.


        Sound reduction

        Because bass shakers transmit vibrations directly to the body rather than through air, you can enjoy an impressive bass experience without turning up the volume on your speakers. This is especially useful in situations where high volume can be a problem, such as in apartments or houses with thin walls.



        Bass shakers can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces. They are often attached under chairs or sofas and can also be integrated into floors or even beds for a unique experience. Installation requires only basic DIY knowledge.


        Wiring scheme BST-1


        Applications of bass shakers

        Home theater

        In home theater systems, bass shakers add a new layer of realism to movies and TV series. Action scenes, with explosions and chases, for example, feel true to life. This greatly enhances the viewing experience. Imagine being in the middle of an action scene and feeling the vibrations of an explosion through your body. It adds an intense, immersive dimension that traditional audio equipment cannot provide. Even quiet scenes, with thunderstorms or an underground train, for example, gain an extra layer of depth and realism.



        For gamers, bass shakers are indispensable, especially in simulators. A simul rig, or sim rig for short, is a kind of self-built cockpit in which you feel like you're really in a plane or race car. Bass shakers, also known as "Buttkickers," provide deeper immersion by adding an extra dimension to in-game events, such as starting an engine, driving down a bumpy road, or the impact of a crash. This significantly increases the experience and tension of the game. Additionally, in shooters and adventure games, they can also make the vibrations of shots or explosions, for example, tangible, which takes the overall gaming experience to a higher level.



        Bass shakers also add a unique dimension to your music experience. They are able to make the deep bass lines and beats palpable, which is especially loved by fans of electronic music and heavy metal. Imagine listening to your favorite song and not only hearing the bass, but feeling it throughout your body. It's like being at a live festival or concert, even if you're just listening to music at home.


        So how do you actually mount a bass shaker?

        The installation of a bass shaker varies depending on your setup. For a sofa, you usually mount the bass shaker under the seat to the frame of the sofa, while for a gaming chair you use the bottom or back of the chair. For a simrig, there are specific spots under the seat or on the platform where the bass shaker will look best, such as near the foot pedals. Adjust the installation to your specific situation for best results.

        NOTE: It is good to know that bass shakers, like subwoofers, must receive a filtered signal. This means that the high frequencies are filtered out of the overall signal. The high frequencies are irrelevant to vibration and in a sense wasted energy that can be used for the low frequencies. You can filter this signal by using software such as SimHub, in addition you can also use a passive Low-Pass filter. Not getting there or in doubt? For expert custom advice you can always contact our tech support at [email protected].


        Klantfoto onder bank

        BST-1 bass shakers mounted under a couch


        Mounting kits for Dayton Audio BST series

        We offer several mounting kits for different types of bass shakers. These kits are specifically designed for secure mounting and minimal visibility on your sim rig, providing a clean finish. The mounting kits include holes and require countersunk bolts. In addition, screws and nuts are included to secure the shakers to the mount.

        Here are some of our available mounting kits:



        BST-1 en TT25 mounting kits

        BST-1 and TT25 with mounting kits


        Hardware and software recommendations

        Recommended amplifiers for 1-2 bass shakers


        Recommended amplifiers for 2-4 bass shakers


        Software: SimHub

        For gamers and simulation enthusiasts, SimHub is a must-have software. SimHub is a powerful tool compatible with a wide range of games and peripherals. It allows users to configure and customize their bass shakers for different games, creating an unparalleled immersive experience. SimHub allows you to tailor vibrations to specific in-game events, such as engine feel, road conditions or impacts.


        Afbeelding NobSound en Bass SHakerFlight-Simulator setup with BST-2 bass shakers and Nobsound amplifier


        Recommended bass shakers by SoundImports

        • Dayton Audio BST-1 50W: Known for its durable construction and excellent vibration response. Suitable for a variety of applications from home theater to gaming setups. This is the most popular bass shaker!
        • Dayton Audio BST-2 35W: An excellent bass shaker for both home theater and gaming applications. It offers powerful vibration and is easy to install.
        • Dayton Audio TT25 mini 15W: This bass shaker is ideal for small or entry-level setups. Despite its compact size, the TT25 Mini delivers impressive performance, making it perfect for applications where space is a limitation, such as in compact gaming seats or smaller home theater setups. The TT25 is available in both 8 and 16 ohm versions.
        • Dayton Audio BST-300EX 300W: The most powerful bass shaker in the Dayton Audio line! The BST-300EX offers unparalleled shaking power ideal for high-end home theater systems and professional gaming setups. With its rugged construction and ability to deliver deep, powerful vibrations, it brings any movie or game to life with a realistic experience that puts you right in the middle of the action.


        Popular bass shakers



        Bass shakers are an impressive addition to any audio and home entertainment setup. By converting low frequency sounds into palpable vibrations, they provide an extra layer of experience that cannot be achieved with traditional speakers alone. Whether you're a movie buff, a gamer or a music lover, using bass shakers will take your experience to the next level. Consider adding them to your system and experience the difference for yourself!


        Helpful links with additional product information 

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        TT25 Mini User Manual


        Aura AST-2B-4 User Manual


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