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        Koen - Wednesday 12 November 2022

        Building an invisible TV (and 5.1 surround sound system)

        One of our valued Youtube partners build a DIY home cinema set. Our tech team had a blast supporting this amazing project, build by the famous youtuber DIYperks (4 mln subs).

        In his most recent video he build an invisible TV setup with integrated DIY speakers. We sponsored this project by supplying audio components (SB Acoustics, Dayton Audio and Sure Electronics) and aiding with technical advice. Find the whole list of speakercomponents below the video.

        We are always looking for collaborations to support awesome video content. Do not hesitate contacting us to become an affiliate partner.

        What do you think of this DIY build? #speakerbuilding



        List of SoundImports speaker components used for this build:

        Dayton Audio KABD-4100 All-in-one Amplifier Board

        Dayton Audio Reference RS125P-8 Woofer

        Dayton Audio LS12-44 Low Profile Subwoofer

        Dayton Audio AMTPRO-4 Tweeter

        Dayton Audio KPX In-Circuit Programmer

        SB Acoustics SB26STCN-C000-4 Tweeter

        SB Acoustics SW26DBAC76-4 Subwoofer

        Sure Electronics AA-AB41161


        Some speakerbuilding action:










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