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        Markaudio Products

        40 Markaudio
        3" | 4 Ω
        CHN-50 Full-range Woofer
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        € 16,49
        € 19,95
        3.5" | 8 Ω
        CHP-90 Full-range Woofer
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        € 57,81
        € 69,95
        3'' | 4 Ω
        CHN-50P Full-range Woofer
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        € 16,49
        € 19,95
        2.5" | 8 Ω
        CHN-40 Full-range Woofer
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        € 18,45
        4" | 8 Ω
        CHN-70 Full-range Woofer
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        € 32,45

        Established 11 years ago, Markaudio evolved from supplying audio components to producing its own range of audio speaker drivers and accessories. Markaudio designs all its products “in house”, and the major components for its speaker are custom made. Founded by Mark Fenlon, the company has grown to include various Japanese specialists in acoustic design and manufacture. Markaudio woofers design and operational functions are directly designed to achieve mechanical efficiency, adding lightness and simplifying where possible.


        Markaudio's matching pairs policy

        The uniqueness of Markaudio lies in their matching pairs of woofers. Each driver is tested and paired with another driver that shows the closest matching frequency response measurement. After construction, each driver is individually measured in the anechoic chamber at the Markaudio factory and pair-matched based on that data to within 0.5% tolerance. Each pair is supplied with individual electrical and acoustic measurements. To respect this philosophy and added value to these great products, we at SoundImports, recommend you to purchase them as pairs.


        Markaudio Pluvia Series

        The Pluvia range offers high technology design and superb value for money. Benefiting from features trickled down from Markaudio’s Alpair range, the Pluvias provide wideband drivers with low distortion motors, low-profile high-rigidity glass-fibre mixed polymer baskets, long linear stroke, and some of the most advanced uncoated paper and magnesium-alloy cone designs to be brought to market. Markaudio PLUVIA-11 is a completely new driver design. It is the first “full range” driver that can handle bass loads typically delivered by 5.5 inches to 6.5-inch mid-bass units used in most 2 way systems.


        Markaudio Alpair Series

        The Alpair series is Markaudio’s statement products, offering unique performance levels to the discerning listener. Aerodynamically sculpted, low-loss glass-fibre mixed polymer baskets married to cutting edge low-distortion motors and their patented long-stroke suspension and cone technology provide performance previously unknown in wideband loudspeakers. With models offering reinforced low-loss uncoated paper cones and the introduction of Markaudio’s negative-camber profiles, the Alpair range continues the tradition of advanced engineering to stand amongst the best wideband drivers available today. The Markaudio Alpair-10P production history of the Alpair 10 series is well known inside purist audiophile circles, but this is the first time a paper cone version has appeared in the 10 series. 


        Markaudio CH Series

        The CH series continues to make Markaudio’s cutting-edge engineering accessible at a low price point. Critical technologies, including advanced motor designs, reinforced low-loss polymer or sculpted metal baskets, long-stroke suspension, and Markaudio’s legendary cone designs, offer excellent performance at an affordable level. A great example is the Markaudio CHR-70, the third generation of drivers that has more high range performance. Markaudio CHN-50 is a very affordable compact 3-inch full-range driver suitable for use in small near field loudspeakers, as a quality mid-tweeter for low-crossover multi-way designs, and for line array speakers.


        Markaudio Speakers Kits

        Markaudio put together some of their loudspeaker design and manufacturing ability to bring you a range of DIY speaker kits that are both beautiful to look at as they are easy to build. For example, the Tozzi One is a compact, high-fidelity, pure point source loudspeaker system designed by Mark Fenlon. It is easy to assemble and, when completed, becomes a high-class product that stands above other loudspeaker kits.

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