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    Maximum flexibility for your design with Monacor's components

    For decades, Monacor has been producing everything you need for your DIY audio project. You can find a wide range of their products, such as Show more




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    241 Monacor
    1 x 300 W
    SAM-300D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
    In stock ()
    € 140,45
    € 169,95
    1 x 200 W
    SAM-200D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
    In stock ()
    € 123,93
    € 149,95
    1 x 500 W
    SAM-500D Subwoofer Plate Amplifier
    In stock ()
    € 247,89
    € 299,95
    50 W
    BR-50 Bass Shaker
    In stock ()
    € 49,55
    € 59,95
    1-1/8" | 8 Ω
    DT-300 Dome Tweeter
    In stock ()
    € 20,62
    € 24,95
    5¼" | 8 Ω
    SPH-135KEP Bass-midwoofer
    In stock ()
    € 61,94
    € 74,95
    5" | 8 Ω
    SPH-135C Bass-midwoofer
    In stock ()
    € 53,68
    € 64,95
    AMT | 8 Ω
    AIRMT-130 AMT Tweeter
    In stock ()
    € 156,98
    € 189,95
    15" | 8 Ω
    SP-382PA Woofer
    In stock ()
    € 70,21
    € 84,95
    8" | 8 Ω
    SPH-200KE Bass-midwoofer
    In stock ()
    € 82,60
    € 99,95
    30 W
    AR-50 Weatherproof Exciter
    In stock ()
    € 28,88
    € 34,95
    WG-300 6-1/2’’ Waveguide
    In stock ()
    € 8,22
    € 9,95
    1" | 8 Ω
    DT-25N Dome Tweeter
    In stock ()
    € 20,62
    € 24,95
    SA-50 | 12WPC
    In stock ()
    € 99,13
    € 119,95
    1" | 8 Ω
    DT-100 Dome Tweeter
    In stock ()
    € 20,62
    € 24,95
    AMT | 4 Ω
    AIRMT-85 AMT Tweeter
    In stock ()
    € 82,60
    € 99,95
    SA-100 | 25WPC
    In stock ()
    € 123,93
    € 149,95

    Maximum flexibility for your design with Monacor's components

    For decades, Monacor has been producing everything you need for your DIY audio project. You can find a wide range of their products, such as plate amplifiers and various speaker accessories, including damping materialsspeakers grills, as well as mounting and cabinet hardware, at SoundImports. Monacor has become an important ally in the pursuit of our goal of becoming the one-stop-shop for DIY audio components in Europe.


    Monacor's Woofers

    Monacor offers the maximum flexibility in choosing your high, mid, or subwoofers. They cover all kinds of enclosures, extending from traditional vented enclosures to more exotic open baffle designs. One of the most popular woofers is the Monacor SPH-200KE. It is a classic Hi-fi mid-woofer with modern engineering and looks. The high-quality Kevlar cone is one of the main reasons for the linear response with relatively little cone-breakup. Another excellent example is the Monacor SP-4/60PRO PA Midrange Woofer. Ideally suited for small PA systems, column speakers but also as a hi-fi midrange speaker. A very low crossover frequency to subwoofer systems is possible due to a great linear excursion for a midrange system. 


    Monacor's Tweeters

    Monacor's tweeters range focuses mainly on the traditional dome tweeters and ribbon tweeters and the more innovative Air Motion Transformer Tweeters, which feature a dynamic sound, an excellent transient response, a high efficiency, and a low harmonic distortion. The Monacor DT-300 is a popular soft dome tweeter. It has a large cone area for an exceptionally high dynamic power, also with low crossover frequencies. The motor structure is cooled by ferrofluid of high liquidity for a fine brilliance. The robust build of the tweeter and its high-efficiency have a very wide application range, but it is ideally suited for larger two-way applications even with PA woofers.


    Monacor's Plate Amplifiers

    Due to state-of-the-art technology in the digital D class, the digital active subwoofer modules from Monacor provide a powerful bass reproduction in self-built subwoofer systems. The components feature a high-power efficiency and provide an energy-saving operation. We offer three versions of the subwoofer plate amplifiers: the Monacor SAM-200D, the Monacor SAM-300D, and the Monacor SAM-500D


    Monacor's Components and Accessories

    Monacor's products portfolio at SoundImports also specializes in a wide range of accessories and components that allow you to personalize your DIY audio projects to the last detail. It includes Assembled passive crossovers to filter low and high frequencies; Horns and waveguides for projecting midrange and high frequencies, especially over longer distances; Power Adapters, Enclosures, and Measurement and Audio Cables with which you can develop your unique design. Monacor's Cabinet hardware,Screw terminals, Chassis, and Mounting hardware go beyond the average aesthetic finishing touches. Monacor offers a range of important accessories to facilitate system interconnection and performance and protect drivers and the cabinets during transport. We also offer the popular Monacor Decorative Speaker Grills, which are composed of 2-parts, with a fixing ring to be screwed on the speaker and push-on grille, in the most common standard speaker sizes. Mounting rim serves for mounting the speaker, cover rim with a metal grille covers speaker and mounting completely.

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