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        DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller

        DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller


        Dayton Audio DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller

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        Product description

        Dayton Audio's DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller gives you the power to revolutionize your home theater or listening room's low-end dynamic using digital signal processing. Easily integrate the DSP-LF into an existing audio system and take control over your bass response all from your smart mobile device. In tandem with the free iWoofer, Andriod/iOS app, the DSP-LF puts you in control of your bass's sonic character, tailored perfectly for the sound you desire.



        • Add low-frequency DSP to your current audio system that tailors your subwoofer to fit the bass sonic characteristics to meet your desired sound
        • Easy to use Android and iOS mobile smart phone app enables you to adjust all DSP features from the palm of your hand
        • Simply insert the DSP-LF hardware module between your receiver with a sub output and your sub to instantly gain DSP capabilities
        • Package includes DSP unit, 2 x 3.5 mm to RCA cables, micro USB cable, USB wall power adapter


        Product details


        The Control You Need For The Bass You Crave

        The introduction of the Dayton Audio DSP-LF Subwoofer DSP paves the way for complete control over the sound you crave. Harness the full potential of your subwoofer with pinpoint accuracy using the Dayton Audio DSP-LF. Achieve the perfect low-end with thundering power and detailed punch via your smart mobile device.



        Simple, Straightforward Installation and Operation

        Installing the DSP-LF hardware is hassle-free and straightforward. Featuring a 3.5 mm input and output, the DSP-LF is easy to connect to your current system. To control your DSP unit, download the iWoofer app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Once the DSP-LF connects to iWoofer via Bluetooth, you immediately have complete control to customize your low-end to your preferred taste. The DSP-LF comes complete with two dual RCA to 3.5 mm cables.


        Insert the DSP-LF between the sub output on your receiver and your powered sub (or sub amp) input to gain instant control over your desired sound. The free iWoofer iOS/Android app allows you to adjust parameters such as EQ, crossover, subsonic filtering (high pass filter), gain, dynamics, precise phase, and even subharmonic synthesis.


        For further detailed control, iWoofer Pro (iOS only) offers automatic room correction that listens to the response of your subwoofer in your room and automatically applies precise minimum phase FIR filters to correct the output of your sub to match your listening environment.



        Simple Total Custom Sub Sound with App Convenience

        Using the iWoofer app, you have command over your audio system from the convenience of your smart device. With control over functions as EQ, crossover, gain, dynamics, precise phase, and even subharmonic synthesis, you can tune your sub to deliver the sound that you want. The iWoofer Pro version (iOS only) offers automatic room correction, which is a great option to dial in an even more defined subtone.


        The standard, free iWoofer app allows you to adjust both high and low pass Butterworth filters with adjustable slopes to find the perfect crossover. The crossover control also allows you to add up to 25 bands of fully parametric EQ. The gain function gives you control over the volume of your sub, complete with an Auto-On feature. If your audio source lacks a low-end response, the SHS (subharmonic synthesizer) control will help add more punch and depth to the overall low-end output. Controls over delay and phase allow you to tune the sub to align acoustically with other full-range speakers in your current setup. Access to dynamic processing enables you to limit the output signal, or with the dynamic bass control, you can restrict your compressor to a specific frequency bandwidth.


        Save, import, and export presets within iWoofer so that you can recall your perfectly tuned sub in an instant. Presets allow you to have multiple configurations based on your listening selection.


        Room Correction Taken One Step Further

        Using the iWoofer Pro app (iOS only), you can automatically tune your sub to your environment. The paid Pro app version features automatic room correction, which utilizes minimum phase FIR filters to adjust your subtone for optimal low-end response based on your listening environment. Using your iOS device's built in microphone, the iWoofer Pro app will monitor the frequency response of noise sweeps played back from your sub to build a frequency response plot of your room. Once iWoofer measures your room's frequency response, you have three algorithm options in how to tune your sub, Boomy, Near Field, and Linear.


        Compensate for room reflections, which often create the buildup of low-end in areas of your room by employing the Boomy auto-room correction mode. Using the Boomy algorithm, you will notice that your subwoofer will have more punch and defined low-end. The algorithm compensates for any frequency that will make your system sound muddy by flattening out the bass response from 70 Hz and higher.


        The goal of the Near-Field auto-room correction mode is to provide DSP compensation to make your sub sound as if it located in an ideal room with no reflections. Near-Field mode is excellent for a clean and accurate representation of your subwoofer with flat bass response. While possibly sounding duller than the other modes, Near-Field mode delivers a true room correction option when you are looking for an incredibly flat low-end response from 30 - 185 Hz. Near-Field mode is excellent for critical listening.


        Linear auto-room correction mode will adjust the sub output so that the frequency response is more accurate, especially in the 50-70 Hz range. This mode will deliver a flat midbass response while leaving the lowest frequencies as they are. The linear algorithm provides a bass tone that is more transparent, controlled, and detailed.




        Once the auto correction is complete, as seen above, you have further control over the DSP. In the graph above the blue line shows the Near-Field measurement of the subwoofer, the green line shows the initial measurement of the listening position before correction, and the red line shows the corrected response at the listening position. Each algorithm is customizable after the initial room correction with up to 25 bands of additional EQ so that you can adjust the sound to your needs with extreme accuracy.

        iWoofer Comparison


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        Take Command, Creat Your Sound

        Take control of your sub and create the tone that you want! Easily integrate the DSP-LF into your current sub setup and enjoy the low-end you have always desired. Pick up the DSP-LF and hear what your sub has been lacking!


        Package Contents 

        1 x DSP-LF unit 
        1 x 3.5 mm to dual RCA cable
        1 x right angle 3.5 mm to dual RCA cable
        1 x micro USB cable
        1 x USB wall power adapter + EU power plug

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        Article number
        Device type
        Device serie
        DSP chip
        Processing resolution & sample rate
        Input / ouput configuration
        1 / 1
        Audio input connectivity
        3.5 mm line in
        Audio output connectivity
        3.5 mm line out
        Max input level
        Max output level
        Input impedance
        Output impedance
        Calibration software
        iWoofer Andriod/iOS (free) and iWoofer Pro iOS (paid)
        Dirac Live®
        DSP presets
        Impulse response correction
        Infrared remote learning
        Windows / Mac compatible
        - / - iWoofer Andriod/iOS (free) and iWoofer Pro iOS (paid)
        Room EQ wizard support
        54 x 54 x 19 mm
        5V micro USB

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        DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller
        € 69,38
        € 83,95
        DSP-LF Low Frequency DSP Controller
        8 In stock
        10+ expected on 28-06-2024
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