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        DSP module kits for sale

        2 DSP module kits for sale

        DSP module kits are basically DSP modules without a cover around them. In other terms – they are a primary component. DSP modules and also DSP module kits take digital signals and process them into other digital signals. Just as DSP modulesdo, DSP module kits fit between the source device and an amplifier. This pocket-size module packs all the filter tools you need to get started with tuning your 2-way or 4-way subwoofer. Here at SoundImports, you can buy DSP module kits from the brands Dayton Audio, Sure Electronics and MiniDSP.


        What are DSP modules equipped with?

        Most DSP module kits are equipped with high-end DAC/ADC units (or chips), high-end in- and outputs like SPDIF or Toslink, I2S in- and outputs, or balanced & unbalanced connectivity RCA's just as DSP modules are DSP module kits designed to take sound and adjusts it to make it sound even better!


        What do DSP module kits do?

        A DSP module kit will insert a delay into one of the speakers of a pair such that the signal reaches its endpoint at the same time, in the case of different positions due to spatial limitations. This is called a time alignment. Although the lag is as little as less than half a second, it affects the sound quality. A DSP module kit is also capable of operating active crossovers. 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, which is the general human hearing range, can be expressed by a regular speaker. Crossovers specify what frequency spectrum is transmitted to which speaker. This means that a tweeter does not play the low bass frequencies, and a woofer does not play high frequencies. With a DSP module kit, an individual speaker can also be "fine-tuned" with an equalizer. It is possible to modify several levels/ranges of frequencies using an equalizer even though these frequencies are in the speaker's range. This causes frequencies that play too loud and are thus too dominant to be reduced or enhances frequencies that play too quiet and deserve more focus. This makes the song feel even more like it was supposed to be heard.


        Why do you need DSP module kits?

        One other feature of a DSP module kit is that the frequency of each speaker can be controlled individually. A woofer is more powerful than a tweeter, and it can happen very quickly that a woofer hinders a tweeter even though they are "working" at the same volume. With a DSP module kit, speakers may be levelled out to act in balance with another to keep one speaker from suppressing the other. A DSP is a great way for any HiFi device to provide higher control and power of the sound.

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