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        Camilla - Thursday 29 April 2018

        Interview: SoundImports is rolling up their sleeves for 2018

        SoundImports is a young company dealing with HiFi components with their main office and warehouse in Groningen. Their passion has led them to run and create a recognizable brand, combining devoted customer service and high-quality audio components for all the passionate DIY individuals among you! In what follows, I will interview SoundImports management team, Martijn (left) and Koen (right), on what they did last year and something about their ‘master’ plan for 2018! Stay tuned!


        So, who are you and what does SoundImports do?

        We basically make your music sound the way it should! On a serious note, we take care of the whole process that stands between the producer and you. Martijn and Koen are the pretty faces of the company who equally share the successes with an amazing, supporting team that consists of e-commerce know-hows and tech geeks who deal with everything from taking components apart and testing them to making sure our customers receive only the best products and service!


        Need more convincing? Check this out: We started our year at the other side of the Globe, at the CES18 where we were hosted by Dayton Audio and where we got the Distributor of the Year Award for our outstanding performance in 2017. We also learned to avoid their Casinos. This award helped us realize how important the customers trust is and that this has led to us receiving such a reward, we want to work hard to earn your trust over and over!


        Where have you come from and where will you go? (2017,2018)

        We started off 2017 with great ambitions and to be honest, we are so happy to look back and give ourselves one big high-five! Among other things, we launched our new web shop, we added some amazing brands to our SoundImports family, we were able to lower shipping prices throughout Europe - between 20% and 50% - something which we hope will further help us earn our customers loyalty as their one-stop shop for all their DIY audio needs.


        We like to say that 2018 – will be the year of feedback! You, our customers have spoken, and we have listened. This year, our focus is on bringing in your favorite brands which will make all of us roll up our sleeves and get to work. In addition to that, we are working on some front-end improvements and we will secure German language and support! Jawohl! Also, for all of you who hate calling and writing long emails, soon, you will now be able to live chat with us!


        Why should everyone use SoundImports as their one-stop audio shop?

        We combined our passion for audio with the novel approach to e-commerce and created a unique customer-friendly shopping experience. Our key driving motives are: transparency, fair price and around-the clock customer/tech support. Mix all this and you’ll get the cocktail of right and good customer journey which ultimately makes for the rock foundations of our company. But hey, make sure to check out for yourself what our customers have to say about us by visiting our Kiyoh page where we get a 100% recommendation rate and an overall grade of 9.6! Gotta love those numbers!


        Talk soon,


        Team SoundImports!

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