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        HiVi Products

        57 HiVi
        3" | 6 Ω
        Q3B Dome Tweeter
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        € 64,95
        1⅛" | 6 Ω
        Q1R Dome Tweeter
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        € 24,75
        € 29,95
        1" | 6 Ω
        SD1.1-A Dome Tweeter
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        € 24,95
        1" | 6 Ω
        TN25 Dome Tweeter
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        4" | 5 Ω
        Q4B Dome Tweeter
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        2" | 6 Ω
        Q2R Dome Tweeter
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        1" | 5 Ω
        SS1II Dome Tweeter
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        HiVi was founded in 1991 and was one of the first hi-end loudspeaker manufacturers in China. HiVi produces a wide range of tweeters and woofers. Nowadays HiVi has grown into a global manufacturer of electro-acoustic products. With a 25 year history of acoustical engineering, Swan Speakers knows good sound. No matter what kind of speaker from our lineup, HiVi focuses on one thing - amazing sound. Swan Speakers was originally founded by James Bock on Swans Island, Maine.  Shortly joined afterwards by Frank Hale, Swans Speakers became famous with its line of high-end speakers in Chicago.  After James passed away, Swans merged with HiVi, Swan Speakers is HiVi’s consumer line of products.  Under the Swan Speaker’s name, HiVi has been making award-winning speakers, such as the M200MKIII bookshelf speakers and the MS-2 wireless living room smart speaker.


        HiVi SMD

        HiVi's Symmetric Motor Drive (SMD) technology reduces the voice coil's inductance modulation and back EMF, thereby improving the speaker's controllability and achieving impressively low distortion.


        HiVi Woofers B-Series

        The bronze/aluminium alloy cones, rubber surrounds cosmetic steel frames and shielded motor structures are the distinguishing features of the HiVi B Series full-range speakers. The HiVi B4N and the HiVi B3N Bass-midwoofers are capable of covering a wide portion of the audio spectrum, and the magnetically shielded design allows use in the centre channel and other multimedia applications. The HiVi B3S has magnesium/aluminium alloy concave cones and square frames which are the distinguishing features of the BS series.


        HiVi Woofers F-Series

        The HiVi F10's design has been optimized for dynamic low bass performance in a compact or medium size vented enclosure. The HiVi F8 woofer utilizes a Kevlar and paper composite cone that has a lower weight, higher rigidity, and an improved damping factor. The HiVi F5  has been optimized for dynamic bass reproduction in small vented systems as well as for midrange clarity and accuracy. Its cone weighs less, is more rigid, and has an improved damping factor. The driver utilizes a central phase plug to avoid air compression and internal air volume resonance, as well as improving frequency response and dispersion. These drivers will perform superbly in a small box as a bass-midrange unit, especially when a subwoofer is employed. The recommended crossover frequency region for a two-way system design is 2-4 kHz.


        HiVi Woofers M-Series

        A shielded magnet structure allows the HiVi M5N and the HiVi M4N to be incorporated easily into audio/video speaker applications. The drivers may be used in a small closed box as a midrange unit in a three-way system, and good extension (50 Hz) in a vented enclosure guarantees a great performance in a two-way two-driver or MTM configured system. The HiVi M8N has been optimized for extended and dynamic bass reproduction in vented systems. The clarity and accuracy provided by the unique one-piece aluminium/magnesium cone is remarkable.


        HiVi Woofers B-series

        Bronze/aluminium alloy cones, rubber surrounds, cosmetic steel frames, and shielded motor structures are the distinguishing features of HiVi's B Series full-range speakers. The HiVi B4N drivers are capable of covering a wide portion of the audio spectrum, and the magnetically shielded design allows use in the centre channel and other multimedia applications. The Overnight Sensations is a DIY kit that features the HiVi B4N and is designed to be a quick, economical build that can put out a surprisingly big sound in a small box. To start a do-it-yourself off right, this kit includes a pair of high-grade 1/2" Baltic birch cabinets that have been precisely CNC cut and rabbeted for perfect fit-and-finish when assembling the cabinet, as well as perfect driver fit for the HiVi B4N and the Dayton Audio ND20FA-6.


        HiVi Tweeters

        HiVi combines a hand treated 1" fabric dome, a large non-resonant rear acoustic chamber, and a Ferrofluid cooled voice coil together in the HiVi TN25, creating a high-performance tweeter with a small faceplate for close driver placement. The HiVi SD1.1-A is a high-quality tweeter that utilizes a precisely coated diaphragm and a damping ring located below the dome. A special cast alloy faceplate offers excellent physical protection of the diaphragm, while also helping improve off-axis response. With a large, fully shielded magnet structure, ferrofluid, and aluminium former, power handling is very good. The HiVi Q1R features a precisely manufactured German diaphragm which is mated to a large shielded motor structure. The result is a tweeter with excellent timbre and low distortion characteristics. Transient response is improved via the use of ferrofluid and a copper-clad aluminium voice coil.


        HiVi Planar Isodynamic Tweeters

        The vibrating element of a planer tweeter is almost weightless in comparison to a dome tweeter. The element consists of Kapton film with a pattern of aluminium conductors which is placed precisely between two Neodymium bar magnets. It provides an immediate and precise response to any transients in the original signal. These drivers are magnetically shielded and feature a linear phase response which provides time coherent reproduction resulting in accurate musical rhythm and imaging. Unlike other conventional tweeters and electrostatic speakers, the HiVi RT1C and HiVi RT2C-A have an extremely wide sound dispersion in the horizontal plane. At the same time, they have a well-controlled sound dispersion in the vertical plane. This helps to avoid disturbing floor and ceiling reflections in a home environment thus enhancing clarity and imaging accuracy.


        HiVi Bookshelf Speakers

        At SoundImports we also offer Bookshelf speakers from Hivi Swans such as the HiVi Swans D1010-IVB, A Bluetooth version of D1010-IV. High cost-effective active speakers with wood veneer finish and specially designed front panels.


        HiVi DIY kits

        HiVi offers two designs in Bookshelf DIY Kits: the HiVi DIY2.2-A and the HiVi DIY3.1-A. Both these kits come in two versions: Black and White. These kits include everything you need to build a 2-way and a 3-way pair of speakers. The boxes are unfinished MDF which you can paint or veneer. A vinyl black wood grain veneer is supplied which you can adhere to the box. Grill cloth and the grill frames are included. For the DIY3.1, all the components used in this kit, many of them like the isodynamic ribbon tweeter are also used in HiVi's much more expensive hi-end systems. 

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