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        Lennart - Monday 26 December 2022

        SoundImports on Spotify

        Building your own sound system is great to do, but it also shows that you love to listen to music. We have worked together with our customers to compile a list of the best Audio Test Songs. To make your set perfect, you need to do a lot of testing. Good Audio Test Songs are necessary for this process.

        Spotify Playlist

        SoundImports has compiled a Spotify playlist of 40 Audio Test Songs. This list was created through feedback and input from our customers. Should your favorite test song also be on this list? Submit it by email or leave a comment on this page. We will make sure it will be included. After all, music belongs to all of us!

        Tidal Playlist

        Update 4-5-2023: SoundImports Audio-test songs are also available to listen to on Tidal, click on the logo for the playlist.

        In the end, everyone has his or her own favorite song(s) when it comes to testing. This is also simply a matter of taste. The most important thing is that a song has enough depth. Often a song begins with a simple beat and riff, but as these songs continue to build, you often hear guitars, bass and more. Every time you listen you can discover multiple layers, which is the brilliance of music!

        Furthermore, listening to music has been scientifically proven to improve our mental well-being and physical health. Besides being enjoyed, it positively affects our cognitive functioning. There are studies that show that people who play instruments are smarter.

        10 positive benefits of music:

        • Music makes you more happy
        • Music enhances performance (in running)
        • Music reduces stress 
        • Music improves sleep
        • Music reduces depression
        • Music may help manage pain
        • Music enhances learning and memory
        • Music increases verbal intelligence 
        • Music increases IQ and academic performance 
        • Music connects people

        The fact that music connects people is easy to see during a festival or concert. Huge groups of people, who do not know each other, dance and enjoy the music and the experience created together. Music knows no boundaries, everybody understands the language of music!


        10 Spectacular live performances

        Small earthquake 

        Rage Against the Machine caused a small earthquake during their 1994 Pinkpop performance. In fact, you can see on the recordings that the entire audience goes wild to Killing In The Name, and the metal band is invited to Pinkpop again in 1994 because of its success in 1993. In this year KNMI even measured a small earthquake in Landgraaf during the performance. With their powerful message and music, the band manages to unite the entire audience into one homogeneous group!        


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        • Audio lover

          Posted on wednesday 1 february 2023 04:43

          Given the low-fi, low-bit, low-rez nature of Spotify data streams, the only thing this list will test is your patience for bad sound.

          The concept is a nice idea (test list) but the execution using Spotify is a symptom of everything which is wrong in audio today. At least use Qobuz or Tidal. Even on a Sonos system, the difference in audio source is clear to hear.

          Shame on you Soundimports for crimes against audio.

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