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        Thursday 12 September 2019

        Revivify your HiFi with GRS

        Highlights GRS

        • Woofers and tweeters specially designed for vintage speaker models
        • Broad range of car replacement speakers
        • Compatibility tables for BMW car speakers
        • Affordable but durable

        GRS is characterized by excellent quality and good performance for a decent price. Do your old speakers show signs of a chipping or unleashing rubber/foam? Or have fluctuating temperatures and too much sunlight caused permanent damage to your car speakers? Then GRS might be a good solution.

        In addition to replacement purposes, the speaker can also be used for new DIY projects.

        If you cannot find the right product for your speakers, check out the GRS product page or consult this table to find the right replacement for various vintage speakers.

        GRS RSB901 


        Who doesn’t know the legendary Bose 901 speakers?! Featuring a blue paper cone, every speaker cabinet contains four woofers. The GRS RSB901 will make your Bose 901 sound the way they used to. Every RSB901 speaker has been hand checked and tested. It features a premium-quality motor structure resulting in maximum performance and reliability for a good price.

        Compatible with: Bose 901 (Series III of later), Bose 802.

         GRS PRT-8

        A typical phenolic ring tweeter from the 60s and 70s featuring an orange color. The PRT has previously been used by brands such as Marantz, Altec and Acoustic Research in various speaker models. It is characterized by high efficiency and a flat response. Perfectly suitable as a drop-in for old speakers but also for new projects.

        Compatible with:Marantz imperial 4, 5, 6, 6G, 7, 8 and 9. Radio Shack Nova Series, Radio Shack Nova 7b, Altec Lansing Santana 891, RSL Rogersound Labs speakers, Acoustic Research AR-4X, Martin speakers and Rectilinear XI cabinets from the 70's.

        GRS 8FR-8 


        A driver that is perfectly suitable to replace a full-range driver or as an upgrade, but also a great choice for your DIY speakers. Due to a wide frequency range of 39 to 16.000 Hz it lends itself to point-source projects.Furthermore, it is a ‘drop-in’ for Pioneer B20FU20-51FW speakers, also known as “BOFU” speakers.

        Compatible with:Pioneer B20FU20-51FW (BOFU).

        Car replacement speakers

        In addition to regular speakers, GRS offers high-quality speakers for cars. GRS drivers are suitable for the most common sizes, such as 4” x 6” and 6” x 9”.

        GRS 4AS-4 car replacement speaker 


        This speaker is suitable as ‘drop-in” for many OEM car speakers. Due to a polypropylene cone and foam surrounding  they are protected against moisture and temperature changes and thus stand the test of time.

        Compatible with:4-inch speakers to place in dashboards, door panels etc.

        GRS B100-4 ASD Series

        This set of BMW replacement speakers makes an ideal upgrade for all 4” inch drivers used in the latest BMW models. The set contains all materials necessary to mount the speakers. The speakers are equipped with a fiberglass cone and a rubber surrounding and their poly frame is water- and UV-resistant.

        Compatible with: BMW models, see compatibility table for the right match.


        Already busy building your own system or bringing an old one back to life?

        Check out these tips first to make sure nothing stands in the way of enjoying your new speaker system:

        • Always check the whole system, such as cross-over components, of your old speakers. It is possible that a defect cross-over has caused the damage to your drivers, which you would like to prevent in the future.
        • Check out this table for BMW-models to find a match for your speaker model.
        • For stereo set-ups, always replace both drivers. This way, you ensure that they will not sound differently.
        • Check, check, double check your cables, components and other parts that could be lose and cause noise or even permanent damage!


        Are you missing information? Call, e-mail or chat with us. Our technical support team is happy to help you out with extra information and advice!

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