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        Thursday 22 July 2018

        The 3 S's of Speakerbuilding: Scan-Speak, SB Acoustics and SEAS!

        We are continuously expanding the range of brands that we distribute. This month we have added three major brands to our shop. Namely, SEAS, SB Acoustics and Scan-Speak. These three brands stand for high quality and are therefore very popular amongst speaker builders and audio enthusiasts. From now on you can also find these components in our web shop!


        To introduce these three renowned audio brands to you, we will walk you through their history. If you are not familiar with them yet, keep reading and discover what these brands have to offer!


        What you probably did not know about SEAS, SB Acoustics and Scan-Speak

        • SEAS, Scan-Speak and SB Acoustics are all Scandinavian brands
        • SEAS produces and develops its products in Norway
        • Scan-Speak was acquired by Tymphany
        • Scan-Speak products are manufactured in their home country, Denmark
        • SB Acoustics was founded by engineers who used to be employed by Scan-Speak before it was acquired by Tymphany



        #1 SEAS
        SEAS, also known as Scandinavian Electro Acoustic Systems, is one of the oldest loudspeaker manufacturers in the world. In 1920 the first drivers were developed by the predecessor of the current SEAS. Because SEAS has existed for a very long time, the company has an enormous amount of knowledge and experience when it comes to ​​tweeter and loudspeaker development. SEAS is at the top of the audio world accompanied by only a couple of other brands.

        SEAS is always working on product development. It really stands out from the crowd in terms of production: Where other manufacturers outsource their production, SEAS has chosen to keep the production within the company. The drivers are handmade by well-educated and highly skilled employees. Together with strict quality controls this results in top-notch audio components.



        #2 Scan-Speak
        The second brand that we have added to our product range is Scan-Speak. Scan-Speak was founded in 1970 by Ejvind Skaaning. Scan-Speak has indirect links with SEAS because it originates from a loudspeaker manufacturer that cancelled its cooperation with SEAS. The search for a new manufacturer of OEM drivers began. Ejvind Skaaning took on this task and set up a company that would eventually become Scan-Speak as we know it today.

        In the beginning, Scan-Speak drivers resembled those of SEAS. The company grew and with growth came more financial space. This space allowed the company to develop its own driver line.



        #3 SB Acoustics
        The last brand of the three major brands is SB Acoustics. This company is also the youngest company of the three because it was founded by a group of Scan-Speak engineers after Tymphany took over Scan-Speak. They decided to start their own company and named it SB Acoustics.


        The founders of SB Acoustics have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to developing drivers thanks to their years of experience in this business. This is directly reflected in the brand's exclusive Satori line. These woofers are designed with the idea to make a woofer that really excels on all fronts. The only concession was the price. This turned out to be no problem for many speaker builders because after the launch of the Satori line, it quickly became a success and there was huge interest.


        SB Acoustics ran into the problem that they had no room for the production of the drivers. After consultation, they decided to let a reputable loudspeaker manufacturer in Indonesia fabricate their drivers: Sinar Baja Electric. This company was able to offer SB Acoustics everything they were looking for: specialist knowledge, correct machinery, large-scale production and strict quality controls. A combination that is rarely found in the industry. Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the two companies, the drivers from SB Acoustics are of superb quality.




        Do you have any questions about this blog or do you want to know which audio component will fit your needs for your next DIY project? Feel free to contactus! Our tech support is happy to help.

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