Dayton Audio iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone

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Turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a laboratory grade audio measurement device with Dayton Audio's iMM-6 iDevice calibrated measurement microphone.

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Product description

Dayton Audio iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone

Turn your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into a laboratory grade audio measurement device with Dayton Audio's iMM-6 iDevice calibrated measurement microphone.



  • Precision condenser microphone for critical measurement
  • For use with Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch via 3.5mm TRRS headset jack
  • Compatible with Android and Windows Phone devices with TRRS jack
  • Headphone/Line Out pass-through jack for test signals or listening
  • Kickstand feature elevates and angles device and microphone capsule
  • True omnidirectional pattern with calibrated flat frequency response
  • Rugged construction with high-quality components


Product details

Dayton Audio iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone for iPhone iPad Tablet and Android


The Dayton Audio iMM-6 is a professional-quality measurement and recording microphone that is designed to work with the entire suite of Apple "iDevices" – iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The rugged construction and compact size make it the perfect companion for audio professionals who must work on-location performing acoustic analysis, monitoring audio levels, or recording. Each iMM-6 is individually hand-calibrated using a laboratory-standard measurement microphone, for consistent, repeatable measurements that match the level of precision previously offered only by expensive stand-alone microphones.


Dayton Audio's iMM-6 is also compatible with Android and Microsoft devices that use a 3.5 mm TRRS jack. A headphone/line-out is built in for monitoring the recorded signal, and a kickstand elevates and angles the measurement capsule for more direct measurements. Each iMM-6 is ruggedly built with high-quality components. A sturdy carrying case with foam insert is included.


A unique serialized calibration file is available for the iMM-6. This calibration file can be used by most audio-analysis apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (see compatibility list for recommendations). Visit Dayton Audio's website, where you will be prompted to enter the serial number from the case of your iMM-6. After entering the serial number, your download will start.


Specifications: • Capsule type: Precision 6 mm electret condenser • Polar Response: True Omnidirectional • Frequency response: 18-20,000 Hz, ± 0.5 dB (Calibrated) • Impedance: 200 ohms • Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1K ohm: 10 mV/Pa (-40dBV, re. 0dB = 1V/Pa) • Maximum SPL for 1% THD @ 1,000 Hz: 127 dB • S/N ratio: 70 dB (A-weighted, varies depending on host device) • Connector: Gold-plated 3.5 mm TRRS • Weight: Ultra-light 7.6 grams.


Help for Android and iPhone users:

There are many applications in the market that provide the smart phone user with audio measurement software.  We do not recommend any specific apps, however, in an attempt to assist the new user of an iMM-6 we have listed links and some helpful pointers below.  One for the iDevice/iPhone platform and the other for Android devices.



AudioTools app (from Studio Six Digital):


Here is the procedure for loading the iMM-6 calibration file into AudioTools by Studio Six Digital on an iPhone:

 1)      You need a Wi-Fi network where you can view other computers on the network. You also need a laptop PC, or a desktop PC connected directly to the wireless router via either a cable or a wireless networking card. Your iPhone and desktop PC will need to be able to 'see' each other to transfer files. Your wireless router should not be blocking port 9900. (If you haven't set your wireless router specifically to do this, it shouldn't be blocking this port.)

2)      Make sure your iPhone has Wi-Fi enabled, and is connected to the same wireless network as your PC.

3)      On your PC, download the iMM-6 serial calibration file (found on the bottom of the iMM-6 aluminum container) for your specific microphone from and save it where you can easily locate it. You will need the serial number that is printed on the back of your iMM-6 carrying case to access the unique calibration file for your iMM-6.

4)      On the iPhone, within AudioTools, navigate to the Input Sources screen and choose Microphone Calibration. The Calibration Screen will be displayed.

5)      From the Calibration Screen, choose the Cal File option. Tap the Files button to bring up the Files screen.

6)      At the top of the Files screen, there is a field labeled "URL", with http:// and an IP address (sequence of four three-digit numbers), plus a port number following the colon. (example: – yours will probably be different)

7)      From your PC which is connected to the wireless network, open up your web browser and type the full URL from the "URL" field into the address bar of the web browser. (Following the example above, you would type into the address bar). This is the address for direct file transmission to your iPhone.

8)      You should see a page appear with the heading "Documents on Strider" or something similar. Your iPhone is acting as a server on your WiFi network, and is serving this page to your PC. Click on the "calibration" link, which will navigate you to the "calibration" directory on your iPhone.

9)      In the gray box labeled "Upload", click on the "Choose File" button to select your file. Find the iMM-6 calibration file you downloaded from in step (3) and double-click on it.

10)   In the gray box labeled "Upload", you should now see your iMM-6 calibration file listed. Click on "Send" to send the file to your iPhone. When done, the page will refresh and show your iMM-6 calibration file in the "calibration" directory.

11)   Close your web browser. You are finished with the part of the upload that uses your PC.

12)   On your iPhone, tap "Done" to return to the Calibration Files screen, and then tap the “Reload” button (round arrow) to refresh the view. You should see the calibration file appear.

13)   To load the calibration file, tap the calibration file name and then tap "Apply".

14)   The calibration file is now loaded. Tap "Done" to return to the Calibration screen.

These instructions are based on the instructions given on



AudioTool by Bofinit Corporation


AudioTool supports loading a calibration file for the Dayton Audio iMM-6 microphone. These files have names like "99-0101.txt" when downloaded from Dayton's website. For use in AudioTool, you will simply need to rename the file so that it has the .cal file type (e.g. "") and save it in the AudioTool directory on your Android phone. Then, in AudioTool, select the "Load Cal" option from the Menu, and choose the Dayton file from the list. The calibration data will be loaded, power summed to the 1/3 octave bins used by AudioTool, and saved in your Preferences - there is no further need to load the file whenever you start AudioTool, unless you change the calibration method or alter the calibration values manually.



User reviews 4.95 / 5 Reviews: (33)

  • JC By James C. on 01-08-2020 16:43

    5 / 5

    Good. Works well.

  • RV By Roel v. on 21-07-2020 12:40

    5 / 5

    Uitstekende microfoon om eenvoudige metingen mee te doen. Werkt met verloop ook in combinatie met nieuwe iPhones die geen 3,5 mm jack koptelefoon/microfoon uitgang/ingang meer hebben.

  • GB By Ger B. on 14-07-2020 15:10

    5 / 5

    Koper heeft geen omschrijving achtergelaten.

  • AB By Auridijus B. on 17-06-2020 15:33

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • LR By Leonard R. on 13-05-2020 14:00

    5 / 5

    Handig klein dingetje, direct op de GSM aan te sluiten. Ik gebruikt het om de crossover van m'n subwoofer in te stellen. Kalibratiebestand inlezen in Audiotool en direct klaar voor gebruik.

  • CF By Christian F. on 10-05-2020 10:12

    5 / 5

    IT Works. Easy to use.

  • FG By Franco G. on 21-04-2020 14:32

    5 / 5


  • MZ By Martin Z. on 11-06-2019 18:53

    5 / 5

    The best choice for poor people acoustically affected.

  • ZS By Zsolt S. on 24-04-2019 18:57

    5 / 5

    That is perfect mobile instrument! I like it very much...
    Perfect business + perfect item !
    Everithing went very quickly and smooth...

    Thank you!

  • FP By Filipe P. on 11-04-2019 17:33

    5 / 5

    Good microphone that can be used with your mobile phone (Android or Ipad) but also with your laptop if you have a trrs input jack. Basically if you can connect a headset with a microphone to your laptop you can also use this microphone. I used it with REW to make room measurements and correct some spikes in SPL room response.

  • ED By Eberhard D. on 23-03-2019 12:35

    5 / 5

    Very satisfied.

  • LC By Luis C. on 17-03-2019 00:16

    5 / 5

    All ok.
    Calibration to be done soon.

  • SH By stefan h. on 19-02-2019 15:46

    5 / 5

    little bit noisy, but for measurements a nice kalibrated microphone for that price.

  • CS By Claus S. on 19-02-2019 14:34

    4 / 5

    Great product - turns your smartphone into a trustworthy measuring tool - especially at the outer ends of the frequency spectrum.

  • NW By Nick W. on 13-02-2019 11:58

    5 / 5

    Great product, well protected in its case and easy to use. I have total confidence in the accuracy of it's readings.

  • PH By Phil H. on 05-02-2019 18:01

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • NB By Nick B. on 05-02-2019 10:19

    5 / 5

    Excellent value

  • JM By José M on 25-01-2019 19:49

    5 / 5

    Ich habe mich für dieses Messmikrofon entschieden, weil ich möglichst flexibel und mobil sein wollte. Meine Erwartungen an das Produkt haben sich zu 100% erfüllt. Ich nutze es zusammen mit einem Asus Zenfone 3 und der App Audiotool. Der Download und das Installieren der von Dayton Audio zur Verfügung gestellten Kalibrierungsdatei war einfach und hat sofort funktioniert.
    Ich kann das Mikro uneingeschränkt empfehlen und dank Soundimports war es nach zwei Tagen da.

  • TP By Thomas P. on 10-11-2018 07:52

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • KK By Krunoslav K. on 31-10-2018 15:58

    5 / 5

    Excellent value for the money.

  • EJ By Eryk J. on 20-10-2018 16:46

    5 / 5


  • JN By Juri N. on 27-07-2018 14:31

    5 / 5

    imm6 Very convenient, you can always take with you. Next time, I want to order dats v2, and then another omnimic v2. Thanks for the good product!

  • KB By Kai B. on 08-05-2018 17:01

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • MW By Martin W. on 07-05-2018 09:48

    5 / 5

    Good Quality.

  • AU By alessandro u. on 11-04-2018 16:05

    5 / 5

    Excellent value for money, calibration files, ease of use and great versatility.
    Alessandro Ughi

  • CL By Carlos L. on 13-02-2018 16:28

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • KH By Karri H. on 04-02-2018 10:45

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • MP By Massimo P. on 24-06-2017 17:31

    5 / 5

    Quickly received (few days), it's a little useful mike I use together AudioTool app on my smartphone when I don't have the possibility to use dedicated gear to set an audio PA. A+++++++

  • JS By Joni Salmi on 24-11-2016 10:38

    5 / 5

    ***** and fast delivery

  • PL By Pavel on 24-11-2016 10:37

    5 / 5

    Pluses: very affordable mic, good design and build construction, nice storage case, also suitable for environmental recordings, works as designed by all different Android devices in my possession.

    Minuses: calibration data is a bit questionable as a used device is not taken into account.

  • RS By René Schrauwen (Webbie) on 24-11-2016 10:37

    5 / 5

    Zeer nette meetmicrofoon die zelfs beter presteert dan de MicW i436, en dat voor een 4de van de prijs :-)
    Ik heb de iMM-6 onderworpen aan een vergelijk met een Neutrik 3382 en een iSEMic 725TR.
    De metingen en uitslagen van het vergelijk waren op zijn minst opvallend.
    Metingen zijn gedaan met Smaart v7 DI.

    De resultaten komen binnenkort online op mijn blog:

    - zeer net metende microfoon, die beter meet als de veel duurdere MicW i436.
    - echt elk exemplaar heeft een eigen correctiebestand die je op serienummer kan downloaden van de Dayton site (heb er een paar gedownload, en echt ze zijn allen uniek).

    - geen.

    Wel heb ik paar opmerkingen/verbeterpunten:
    - de kop van de microfoon is net wat groter als 1/4' inch, en past dus niet in een 1/4 inch adapter van je calibrator (opgelost door masking tape om de kop te draaien en dan in een 1/2 inch adapter gestoken)
    - het "uitsteeksel" (de hoofdtelefoonaansluiting) word "gezien" door het omni directionele kapsel van de microfoon, beter de body langer te maken van de microfoon en het "uitsteeksel" vervangen door een los draadje (die je uit de buurt kan houden van het kapsel.
    - heb tevergeefs gezocht naar een User Guide op de Dayton site, veel mensen zoals ik downloaden en lezen eerst de User Guide (of User Manual) voordat ze tot aanschaf over gaan.

    Onderstaand de link naar de meetmicrofoon shootout, tussen de MicW i436, iSEMic 725TR en Dayton iMM-6:

    ------ Updated on 07-04-2016 ------
    @Pavel 27-03-2016
    "Minuses: calibration data is a bit questionable as a used device is not taken into account."

    Your "minuses" makes no sense at all, the Dayton iMM-6 frequency calibration data file (like all other frequency calibartion files of other brands) corrects the microphones irregularities nothing more nothing less.
    The used attached equipment like sound card/pre-amp combo must be separatly measured/ckecked, which you can do simply by connecting the OUTPUT to the INPUT of your sound card/pre amp combo and measure it with your RTA software like Smaart, MLSSA, etc..

  • JE By Jesse on 24-11-2016 10:36

    5 / 5

    Prima budget microfoon. Gebruik hem icm AudioTools app (Android), handig voor metingen on-the-go.

  • WA By Wirojuma on 24-11-2016 10:35

    5 / 5

    Mooi afgewerkt test microfoon. Levert nette waardes op.

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iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone

iMM-6 Calibrated Measurement Microphone

€ 23,95

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