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        CLIO 12 Standard

        CLIO 12 Standard


        Audiomatica CLIO 12 Standard

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        Product description

        The CLIO System is a complete audio and electro-acoustic measurement instrument that gives state-of-the-art solutions for laboratory, in-field and production-QC applications. CLIO 12 is designed to support and drive the FW-02 Audio interface.



        • Powerful loudspeaker measurement and testing system for professionals and demanding hobbyists
        • Accurate, precise and reliable measurement capabilities for any audio device or acoustical test
        • Complete two channel professional A/D & D/A USB 2.0 audio interface
        • Suitable for a wide range of applications: from measuring loudspeakers and room acoustics to hearing aids and the quality of production lines


        Product details

        Audiomatica CLIO 12 Standard


        This combination of the FW-02 interface and the CLIO 12.5 software ensures powerful, precise and reliable measurements. These two parts (hardware plus software) cannot function separately. The CLIO 12.5 software has a brilliant fresh look, allowing gesture controls while relying on an incredibly powerful design founded on the huge work which is the synthesis of more than 30 years of experience and excellence in electro-acoustic measurements.


        The FW-02 hardware unit is designed to be a complete, two channel, professional A/D & D/A audio front-end for your PC; it is connected to the computer through USB 2.0, giving you maximum performances. The FW-02 performances (24-bit @ 192 kHz) represent state-of-the-art measurement capabilities for any audio device or acoustical test. The FW-02 is equipped with instrument grade balanced input and output circuitry, with an exceptionally wide range of output attenuation and input gain. This allows an easy interface to the outer world; the input and output loopback capability, with the internal ultra-stable voltage reference, permits simple and precise calibration of the whole instrument. A switchable phantom power supply lets you directly connect the Audiomatica MIC-01, MIC-02 or MIC-03 or any other standard balanced microphone to any of the FW-02 input.


        Three different measurement techniques are available for system identification and characterization:

        • MLS & LogChirp analysis using either pseudo-random noise or logarithmic chirps as stimuli
        • Sinusoidal Sweeps using sinusoidal signals
        • FFT, RTA and 'Live' Transfer Function letting you the choice of any stimulus, even live music

        CLIO gives you three alternative measurement techniques, permitting to analyse the physical phenomenon like frequency response, impedance or other parameters, from three different points of view. The final result will be then validated by the consistency of these measurements; This method is preferred by many expert technicians.


        The following specialized control panels are dedicated to other specific measurements:

        • Sound Level Meter - IEC61672 integrated SPL with Leq and frequency analysis
        • Linearity and Distortion - measures the non linear behavior of an electronic equipment
        • Interactive L-C-R Bridge - permits passive components measurement on the fly
        • Wow&Flutter Meter with time and frequency analysis
        • Frequency Counter


        Beyond measured results you get sophisticated post-processing tools for:

        • Thiele&Small Parameters for loudspeaker characterization
        • ISO 3382 Acoustical Parameters for rooms and auditoria characterization
        • Waterfall plots to evaluate sound decay as 3D or Color graphs
        • Directivity analysis for loudspeaker characterization as Color maps, Circular or 3D plots
        • Wavelet analysis for joint time-frequency loudspeaker characterization

        With all the aforementioned measuring and post-processing techniques it is possible to tailor powerful Quality Control scripts that will manage and identify any production line of electronic or electro-acoustic devices.


        Note: The CLIO 12 system comes without a microphone. We recommend the MIC-01, MIC-02 or MIC-03 measurement microphone from Audiomatica. 

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        Article number
        CLIO 12
        Measurement Domain
        Electric & Acoustic
        Resolution & Sample rate
        192kHz, 96kHz & 48kHz
        Generator: 24-bit
        Analyzer: 24-bit
        12 VDC
        OS X, Windows 10
        Max SPL
        AC-analyzer: 40 (+/-) dBV
        Generator: 17 dBu
        Frequency response
        Generator: 1 Hz - 90 kHz
        Body Material
        160 x 170 x 40 mm

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        By Reidar on 29 October 2023
        CLIO 12 Standard
        € 1.859,46
        € 2.249,95
        CLIO 12 Standard
        4 In stock
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