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        SoundImpress – because the best is just about good enough.

        Oscar Wilde once said - “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best”. Here at SoundImports, we live by this quote every day. With SoundImpress by SoundImports, we developed DIY amplifier kits and pre-assembled amplifiers that combine the best audio components the DIY audio market currently has to offer. SoundImpress amplifiers contain components from European industry-leading manufacturers such as Purifi, ICEpower, and Hypex. For years, it was our goal to develop a product that truly fulfils the company's core motto – SoundImports: Helps the music sound the way it should.


        The best Amplifiers from SoundImpress

        SoundImpress stands for outstanding quality, timeless designs, and Dutch craftsmanship. Every SoundImpress amplifier gets extensively tested and manually assembled at our headquarters in Groningen, the Netherlands. Our amplifiers are built to last. Therefore, SoundImpress amplifiers come with a standard 5-year warranty. With SoundImpress we wanted to develop a brand that focuses on the story we want to share with our customers. SoundImports focuses on the best customer service and the widest assortment for the best price in Europe. Our high-quality amplifiers from SoundImpress are precisely what the name might suggest – it is here to “impress”.


        State of the Art Class-D Amplifier by SoundImpress

        Our amplifiers are made by audio enthusiasts for audiophiles. It is known that the amplifier has one of the biggest impacts on how the music sounds. Even high-end woofers from superb brands such as Scan-Speak hold back on their true potential when connected to an inferior amplifier. Our state-of-the-art Class-D amplifiers from SoundImpress ensure that you squeeze the absolute maximum out of your audio components, thanks to high precision parts such as op-amps, high voltage gate drivers and high current MOSFETs. Thanks to the efficiency a high loop gain can be obtained, creating an unparalleled performance that results in an overall high-efficiency created performance. On top of that, amplifiers from SoundImpress can shine with low idle loss and very low distortion and noise levels! SoundImpress - Helps the music sound the way it should.


        No Nonsense, just high-precision parts for Audiophiles

        For now, SoundImpress offers puristic power amplifiers. This allows you to combine our high-performance amplifiers with your existing home audio speakers, to ensure you get the maximum sound out of them, hearing details you have not heard before. Being equipped with four channels makes them perfect for DSP systems. But not only the components are puristic; the amplifier modules are protected by minimalistic custom-milled black anodized aluminium enclosures giving them an imposing look that takes over all the attention from your other home audio devices. Every amplifier comes with our own stamp of approval, our iconic “S”-logo, on the front plate. This branding ensures that you own a piece of real quality, that is built to last – with many more products to come. Stay tuned.

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