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        55 Speakers for sale
        Swans M50WMKIII active speaker set
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        € 399,95
        Swans M5A active bookshelf speakers
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        € 1.404,92
        € 1.699,95
        BS36 passive soundbar
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        € 289,21
        € 349,95
        T652 passive tower speakers
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        € 173,51
        € 209,95
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        € 179,95
        MK402BTX active bookshelf speakers
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        € 148,72
        € 179,95

        Home audio speakers are playback devices for audio content. They characterize the acoustic performance of a home audio/video system much more vividly than any other similar component would do. Make sure you use excellent bookshelf and tower stereo speakers, home theatre speakers, or multimedia speakers, for full fidelity and enjoyment. Here at SoundImports, music lovers and audio enthusiasts can choose between various bookshelf speakers, line tower speakers, centre channel speakers, monitor speakers, soundbars and many more for every purpose from the brands Dayton Audio, HiVi and Monacor!


        What does a home audio speaker consist of?

        A loudspeaker usually consists of a membrane, an electric coil as a drive and strong permanent magnets. Thanks to their high-quality, modern materials, today's speakers are clearly superior to old loudspeaker models in terms of both the precision of sound reproduction and the richness of the acoustic output signals. Besides, technical progress in sound technology means that smaller loudspeakers are increasingly able to provide sufficiently good reproduction quality. The reproduction of voices and music and sounds such as whistling, rustling, sighing or drumming is possible without any problems on modern speakers. Audio signals can be reproduced by a single speaker or by a loudspeaker system with several speakers. However, as humans have two ears, at least two loudspeakers (left and right) should be used for natural sound. One loudspeaker alone can only provide direct sound and does not create a spatial impression.


        Where do you use home audio speakers?

        Today's sound systems are usually equipped with several speakers. Four types of sound systems are the most common - speaker pairs, soundbars, 2.1 systems and 5.1 systems. The speaker pair includes two speakers, one for the left and one for the right soundtrack for stereo sound. A soundbar is a space-saving speaker for mounting underneath the television. For a more spatial sound, it is often completed by subwoofers and additional speakers. In 2.1 systems, the sound of the two speakers is completed by a subwoofer for the low- frequencies. The 5.1 system for speakers has now become widely accepted in home cinema applications. It consists of three main speakers, two rear surround speakers and a subwoofer.


        Does the size of the speaker matter?

        Yes, it can be said that the size of loudspeaker cabinets determines the sound and bass volume. The reason for this is that the sound waves need a resonance chamber for their full development. Therefore, the following applies to loudspeakers: the larger, the better. If there is enough space available to set up the speakers, the tendency should be towards larger speakers and multi-channel systems.


        Can you build your own home audio speakers?

        Yes, you can! And everything you need for this you find here at SoundImports! In case you feel like building your own audio speakers, feel free to check out our assortment of audio components and DIY speaker kits. For some inspiration, check our DIY audio gallery of some of our customers' DIY projects or some of our blogs!

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