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        Lepai Products

        8 Lepai
        2 x 30 + 60 W
        LP210PA Mini Plate Amplifier
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        € 86,74
        € 104,95
        2 x 50 W
        LWP-250 Mini Amplifier
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        € 33,02
        € 39,95
        1 x 40 W
        LP40PA Mini Plate Amplifier
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        € 78,06
        € 94,45
        2 x 25 W
        LP-2020AD stereo amplifier
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        € 43,35
        € 52,45
        2 x 40 W
        LP-168HA mini stereo amplifier
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        € 56,16
        € 67,95
        2 x 150 W
        LP-275S Stereo Amplifier
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        € 82,60
        € 99,95
        2 x 25 W
        LP-225 stereo amplifier
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        € 30,12
        € 36,45

        Lepai is a brand that was founded by lovers of audio for lovers of audio. The founders claim that they found themselves disappointed that decent-sounding mini amps cost a small fortune. More budget-friendly analogues, on the other hand, didn't sound that good either. Therefore, they decided to offer great sounding amps at the lowest possible prices – and Lepai was founded. It is not just cheap amps, but amps that are actually fun to listen to – without the high-brow competition's unreasonable price tags. We at SoundImports are happy to have Lempai amplifiers in our collection.


        Lepai LP210PA 2x30W + 60W 2.1 Channel Mini Plate Amplifier TPA3118

        One of Lepai’s classics – the LP210PA. The LP210PA compact 2.1 plate amplifier is designed to make it easy to create your own powered subwoofer/satellite speaker systems. It is the ideal compact Class D plate amplifier for powering smaller 2.1 speaker systems. Therefore, it is perfect for use in the office, bedroom, or even portable speaker systems! The straightforward features make the LP210PA really easy to use and to set up. For example, the adjustable subwoofer volume, crossover frequency, and main speaker volume make it easy to create a smooth transition between the connected subwoofer and the satellite speakers.


        Lepai LP-2020TI Digital Hi-Fi Audio Mini Class D Stereo Amplifier

        Simple and straightforward, the Lepai LP-2020TI is easy to use. All that needs to be done is plugging in a power supply, connect speaker wire between speakers and the spring-loaded terminals on the back panel, connect a source device using either the 3.5 mm AUX input or stereo RCA jacks and turn it on. The Lepai LP-2020TI mini power amplifier provides 20 watts RMS of clean audio power to any set of stereo speakers. Customize the sound using the bass and treble controls or push the "Direct" button to bypass this circuit for a purer listening experience.

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