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      What are audio potentiometers?

      Audio taper potentiometers are potentiometers used in audio devices, such as headphones, headsets, or speakers, to adjust their volume. Here at SoundImports, you can buy audio potentiometers from ALPS; one of many premium brands we offer.

      The key characteristic that differentiates audio taper potentiometers from other potentiometers is that they are log tapers. The majority of potentiometers used are linear tapers, which means that any turn of the wiper alters the resistance linearly. Audio Taper Potentiometers are log tapers or potentiometers that alter resistance in a logarithmic manner when the wiper is turned. This is important for audio applications since a logarithmic, rather than a linear, variation in resistance is needed.

      Sound is perceived in a logarithmic manner by our ears. Therefore, the volume adjustments would not be apparent if you used a linear potentiometer for volume control, increasing and reducing sound. As the potentiometer is turned up from zero, the linear taper's adjustment grows far too quickly which implies that as soon as you start turning it up, the volume levels would skyrocket.

      Linear tapers aren't suitable for controlling audio signals. However, log tapers are ideal for audio applications. Its properties are suited to how our ears perceive growing and decreasing sounds. As the wiper is turned, the sound progressively intensifies. As a result, audio tapers are log tapers that are potentiometers. This is the crucial distinction between linear and non-linear tapers.

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