Dayton Audio DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System

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The most complete and easy-to-use audio test system toolkit is now better than ever! Dayton Audio's DATS V2 is a powerful, versatile measurement and analysis device -- now with improved performance and stability!

€ 138,95

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Product description

Dayton Audio DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System

The most complete and easy-to-use audio test system toolkit is now better than ever! Dayton Audio's DATS V2 is a powerful, versatile measurement and analysis device -- now with improved performance and stability!



  • Highly accurate measurement of loudspeaker impedance and T/S parameters
  • Easy-to-use, fully-featured measurement software with intuitive interface
  • Compact USB measurement module with molded test leads and alligator clips
  • Software includes signal generator, scope, and measurement of inductors and capacitors
  • Data can be saved to create a driver parameter library or exported to popular box design programs
  • New V2 hardware and software simplify setup and eliminate warm-up/cool-down times


Product details

Dayton Audio DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System


Grab and go!

Any engineer knows that valid and accurate data is crucial to great results. DATS (Dayton Audio Test System) V2 is the essential tool in any speaker designer's or audio engineer's toolbox, providing accurate, precise measurement data for any audio transducer or loudspeaker system. Save yourself time, money, and trial-and-error frustration by using DATS V2 to measure loudspeaker drivers, crossover networks, and complete audio systems!


DATS V2 is a unique, multipurpose test system that works with your PC and full-featured test software to measure the impedance response of a speaker driver and derive a complete set of Thiele/Small parameters that describe its operation. It's as easy as connecting a driver and starting the test! The DATS V2 measurement module provides the electrical stimulus to the driver, measures the driver's impedance on the fly, and then creates a high-resolution graph (30,000 data points!) with no additional hardware required.


DATS V2 software is the true power of DATS. The included software not only measures impedance and parameters of speaker drivers with incredible accuracy, but it can also measure the true value of inductors, capacitors, and resistors, and it also works as a signal generator and scope to let you monitor small electrical signals (line-level only).


What's better about Version 2?

NEW in the DATS V2 software are the ability to measure Wright Parameters (Kr, Xr, Ki, and Xi) for precision speaker simulation, and the ability to display and print impedance data using a logarithmic scale. The precision of capacitor measurements also gets a boost from the newly added ability to measure ESR, dissipation factor, quality factor (Q), and loss angle (sigma), for complete characterization of passive components.


The new DATS V2 hardware eliminates warm-up and cool-down times, and is more stable than the original DATS, for uninterrupted measurements. It's also recognized instantly and configured correctly by your PC with no lengthy setup. DATS V2 also complements other, more expensive test gear by being easier to set up and use, and much more portable -- you can plug DATS right into a laptop! When used together with Dayton Audio OmniMic, you can take a fully-featured electro-acoustic lab anywhere you go.


DATS V2 provides the following unique advantages:

  • Ultra-linear impedance response measurement for loudspeaker drivers and complete systems
  • Accurate measurement of loudspeaker electromechanical parameters (Fs, Qts, Vas, and many more)
  • Measurement of advanced Wright Model parameters (Kr, Xr, Ki, Xi) for precision simulations
  • Precise, high-resolution impedance response measurements with 30,000 data points (1 Hz to 20,000 Hz)
  • Save and compare up to 20 impedance graphs simultaneously within one test file>
  • Integrated quality control feature set provides pass/fail parameter measurement (QC Pack)
  • Sensitive rub and buzz detection functionality reveals hidden flaws in individual drivers (QC Pack)
  • Software signal generator with selectable waveform, frequency, and amplitude
  • Generates sine, square, triangle, saw tooth, impulse, pink noise, and log sweeps
  • Oscilloscope software mode with dual traces, plus adjustable time and amplitude scales
  • Oscilloscope and generator modes are compatible with other audio interfaces
  • Quality test interface hardware assembled using precision SMT components and automation
  • High-quality alligator clip leads minimize contact resistance for improved consistency
  • Includes method for calculating Vas from specified Mmd
  • Faster-than-ever hardware startup time virtually eliminates warm-up/cool-down
  • Software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8, with no added configuration needed


A solution like no other

DATS V2 is faster, more elegant, more versatile, and easier to use than any other speaker test& measurement device. Get ready for your designs to make a quantum leap, thanks to better data!


DATS V2 software is backwards-compatible with the original DATS and WT3 hardware via a software setting. (Note: DATS V2 hardware is not backwards-compatible with DATS or WT3 software, due to an updated internal design.)


Minimum System Requirements: IBM PC or compatible system with 64MB RAM; 500 MHz Pentium III processor; MS Windows 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, or 8; One available USB 2.0/1.1 port.


For the DATS software please visit the DATS web page.


User reviews 4.9 / 5 Reviews: (19)

  • FE By Fredrik E. on 29-04-2019 12:28

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • TJ By Tony J. on 27-04-2019 17:09

    5 / 5

    Excellent product - simple to use and very versatile.

  • HB By Henrik B. on 04-04-2019 10:20

    5 / 5

    Easy to use and good results.

  • VS By Virgilijus S. on 20-02-2019 09:23

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • MB By michael b. on 08-02-2019 12:52

    5 / 5

    Very useful little device - helped me match speaker drivers in minutes. Very much recommended.

  • IH By Ivaylo H. on 27-01-2019 11:41

    5 / 5

    A must-have tool if you are building speakers. Besides measuring impedance and phase of speakers, it can also reliably measure inductors and capacitors, so its really nice to have. Simply love this little thing! It can even do basic oscilloscope functions, but I've never tested it since I already have one. You can also take impedance fingerprint of the whole speaker and compare it to the second speaker- easily catch errors in your schematics.

  • DC By Denis C. on 01-01-2019 16:18

    5 / 5

    Fast and useful tool for everybody . Musthave .

  • TD By Tobias D. on 28-09-2018 19:26

    5 / 5

    Totally worth the money. So easy to measure unknown speakers!

  • HN By Hans-Jörg N. on 12-09-2018 15:44

    5 / 5

    top working unit. perfekt for beginners and profies

  • JB By John B. on 10-09-2018 15:52

    5 / 5

    Very impressive. Software installed with no problems and I was able to measure a driver at first try.

  • BS By Bror-Erik S. on 16-08-2018 13:38

    4 / 5

    Have done some manual measuring of T/S-parameters using freq gen and a DVM/osc.
    Much easier this way! Have some unknown but high quality drivers that now could be used in a correct box. The software could improve a little once you starts to play with different parameters. It doesn't always update the freq resp etc when a param is changed. May be user error? Really handy to click save and then have the basic param saved to a file.

  • AT By angelo t. on 15-08-2018 13:18

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • BB By Bengt B. on 14-08-2018 18:18

    5 / 5

    The quest goes on about the value of all T/S parameters! After more than 40 years of designing speakers, I am one of them hanging out this question.
    But it is sure great to measure easy and fast! Also to have the real numbers confirmed in mind!
    A great tool!
    Audio Tailor Sweden

  • PG By penny g. on 26-04-2018 18:27

    5 / 5

    No description was given

  • PK By Paulius K. on 11-04-2018 13:40

    5 / 5

    Very good

  • GL By Gál L. on 06-03-2018 16:04

    5 / 5

    Simply, operable, and good accesories. The shipping is very fast in europe, thx!

  • JB By Jörn B. on 21-02-2018 19:03

    5 / 5

    Perfect device
    Many Thanks

  • SB By Stephen B. on 25-01-2018 20:56

    4 / 5

    No description was given

  • TM By Tom on 01-11-2017 12:56

    5 / 5

    This product was even easier to use then I expected. It is a true plug and play device, but still very accurate.

    I used this product to measure the impedance of my tweeter and woofer. This information in combination with the frequency measurements from the UMIK-1 made it possible for me to design a passive filter for my project, which sounds very good now! I recommend this product to everyone who needs to measure their speakers accurately.

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DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System

DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System

€ 138,95

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