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        Xcite Products

        2 Xcite
        40 W | 32 mm
        Xtreme XT32-4 Exciter
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        40 W | 32 mm
        Xtreme XT32-8 Exciter
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        € 29,95

        Xcite Audio

        Xcite Audio is revolutionary European company, founded in 2023 under the visionary leadership of Ben Zenker to Xpand the horizons of audio technology. Every product embodies the core value: "Technology that Xcites." Innovative driven with German engineering and verified with Klippel—the world's leading measurement equipment— the products stand for scientifically-backed performance, minimal distortion, high efficiency, and Xtreme reliability.


        Made by Enthusiasts, Made for Enthusiasts


        Xcite Audio addresses audio manufacturers and businesses seeking for the highest manufacture quality and innovative products suited to their individual needs, to audiophiles and enthusiasts craving Xtreme sound reproduction without compromise, and DIY hobbyists and professionals looking for the finest components to create an invisible stunning sound Xperience.


        Technology That Xcites - Not just a slogan.


        • Xpertise and Innovation: Founded on a profound understanding of audio technology, Xcite Audio leads the way in sound innovation. The scientific approach is dedicated to Xploring new horizons, pushing boundaries, and delivering products that redefine the standard for audio Xcellence.


        • Commitment to User Xperience: Technology ist inspiring and Xciting. Every interaction with Xcite products is designed to be intuitive and engaging, transforming the known quality into the Xtraordinary.


        • Staying Ahead of the Curve: In a fast-evolving technological landscape, Xcite is committed to leading the charge. By integrating the latest trends and innovations, we ensure that our customers are always ahead, Xperiencing the thrill of cutting-edge audio technology.


        • Xtends Beyond Technology: Xcite is more than a brand; it's a community. Through our projects, individual support, and advice, we foster connections among like-minded individuals, creating a movement that celebrates the transformative power of technology.


        • Xcitement with Responsibility: Our commitment extends beyond innovation. Xcite Audio is committed to creating durable, sustainable products that not only enchant your senses but also contribute to a more sustainable world.


        Visit the manufacturer's website to learn more about the Xtreme Series and discover the world of Xtreme audio experience. Be amazed by the power, precision and reliability of our products. Experience audio like never before with Xcite!

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