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        Who is Vibrofiltr and what do they supply?

        Vibrofiltr, a specialist in damping materials, provides high-quality products designed to absorb and isolate sound and vibration. They excel in offering various materials such as Alubutyl, foam rubber and woven fabric, which help improve acoustic quality in various applications, including in vehicles and speaker cabinets.

        Explore different material options

        Vibrofiltr offers a variety of materials for sound attenuation, each with unique properties and applications. For example, their Alubutyl is ideal for dampening vibration and noise in automobiles, while foam rubber and woven fabric are effective in absorbing sound in medium to high frequencies, such as in speaker cabinets and recording studios.

        In-car damping and speaker cabinets

        Vibrofiltr damping mats are highly effective in reducing unwanted resonances and vibrations in cars, resulting in a quieter and more comfortable driving experience. In speaker cabinets, these mats help improve sound quality by eliminating unwanted background noise and improving overall acoustic performance.

        The Vibrofiltr Premium 4mm Alubutyl, for example, is a composite material specifically designed for vibration dampening and vehicle waterproofing. It is flexible, easy to apply and provides excellent sound insulation. The Vibrofiltr Autoshim Sound Wave 15, on the other hand, is a self-adhesive foam material ideal for sound absorption in cars, speaker cabinets and even in music production environments, thanks to its high density and pyramidal surface.


        Easy installation

        Vibrofiltr products are designed with ease of use in mind. They are flexible and self-adhesive coated, making them easy to apply to both flat and complex surfaces. This makes the installation of Vibrofiltr products a simple and effective way to improve sound quality in a variety of environments.

        SoundImports: your Vibrofiltr specialist

        At SoundImports, we understand the importance of sound quality and the impact of good sound insulation. That's why we offer an extensive range of Vibrofiltr products, perfect for any application where attenuation is required. Whether you want to make your car quieter or improve the sound quality of your speaker cabinets, we have the right Vibrofiltr solution for you. Order easily online now and experience the benefits of high-quality damping with Vibrofiltr.

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