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      369 Mundorf
      MR10-12 | 12 Ω | 10 W | 2%
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      € 1,64
      € 1,99
      MR10-1,00 | 1,00 Ω | 10 W | 2%
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      € 2,06
      € 2,49
      MCAP250-82 | 82 µF | 5% | 250 V
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      € 33,02
      € 39,95
      MR5-4,70 | 4,70 Ω | 5 W | 2%
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      € 1,64
      € 1,99
      SUP8-15 | 15 µF | 2% | 600 V
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      € 49,55
      € 59,95
      MR10-1,50 | 1,50 Ω | 10 W | 2%
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      € 2,06
      € 2,49

      Since 1986 Mundorf has been supplying audio components of the very highest quality. With precision craftsmanship, the finest materials, and a constant search for new methods, they create the very highest class components for loudspeaker boxes and audio electronics. Products like the coils/inductors and the M-CAP range of capacitors are internationally recognized as guarantees for the finest sound and are used worldwide. Also available are high-grade crossover resistors, electrolytic capacitors, and tweeters.


      Mundorf AMT Tweeters

      Mundorf offers today's largest selection of Air Motion Transformer (AMT) tweeters worldwide. The different lines were developed for certain applications and requirements.  All Mundorf HiFi AMT tweeters have two superior key properties: excellent transient response and outstanding low distortion ratio.  The differences lie mainly in their frequency ranges, sound pressure levels, and dispersion angles. AMT19 and AMT21 series, like the Mundorf AMT19CM1.1-C and the Mundorf AMT21CM2.1-C, are designed for 3+ way systems, whereas AMT23 and AMT25, like the Mundorf AMT23CM1.1-R and the Mundorf AMT25CS2.1-R models, are also suitable for 2+ way applications.


      Mundorf Capacitors

      Mundorf’s capacitors are a cornerstone of polypropylene and electrolytic capacitors. We, at SoundImports, offer five of their top lines.


      Mundorf MCap EVO Capacitors

      The MCap® EVO capacitors, such as the Mundorf ME-3,30T3.450, was designed in 2012 as the successor of the RXF to facilitate the utmost musical enjoyment even in small spaces on a limited budget. The PP capacitor film used here is first metalized with the thickest possible aluminium layer. It then wound precisely into innovative EVOLUTION winding geometry and then potted by hand into special casings.


      Mundorf Capacitors: Mcap Classic

      The MCap® Classic series has formed the basis of the Mundorf audio film capacitors since 1990. Avoiding additional housing, the simple printing method and the classic longitudinal structure make it possible to create our most compact and cost-effective MKP-types, such as the Mundorf MCAP250-68.


      Mundorf Mcap SUPREME Classic capacitors

      Very soon after its market launch in 1992, the MCap® SUPREME Classic has been internationally acclaimed as a top-class capacitor. Today, it is considered by many users as a milestone in the modern audiophile capacitor generation.


      Mundorf MCap EVO Oil Capacitors

      The new MCAP® EVO was designed as a successor to the RXF for those who want unparalleled musical enjoyment in small spaces on limited budgets. The PP capacitor film used here is first metallized with an incredibly thick aluminum layer, then wound precisely into innovative and elegant winding geometry before being potently placed onto special casings by hand!

      With the high sound quality and low tolerances, this capacitor has an excellent chance of succeeding in any field. This is reflected by its features such as increased transparency along with authentic stereophony that can be heard through both classic or vertical styles!


      Mundorf Electrolytic Non-Polarized Capacitors

      The bipolar electrolytic capacitors of the ECap AC Audio Coupling & Signal Cap RAW series have foils with surfaces that are roughened by a special etching process, enlarging the surface. As capacitors' capacity is proportional to their surface, this process provides the smallest and cheapest Mundorf audio capacitors. However, this process also weakens the sound quality comparing to non-etched versions.


      Mundorf Coils

      Mundorf’s coils are divided into four kinds: Copper foil, Feron core coils in combination with copper wire, Solid copper wire with ferrite core, and Air core copper coils. 


      Mundorf MCoil Foil crossover coil

      MCoil Foil coils are wound layer by layer and are particularly low-capacitive, even though their similarity to our foil wound capacitors would suggest otherwise. Their unique performance quality unites the tonal virtues of OFC Copper foil with the clarity and precision generally typical for all air-core coils, alongside the authenticity of a tightly cemented reel that is practically microphonic-free. 


      Mundorf MCoil Feron Stack core

      MCoil iCore Coils combine both the typical low basic output distortions and the low internal resistance of Feron core coils with the enhanced dynamic in music performance of copper wire featuring our Baked Wire Treatment.


      Mundorf MCoil Ferrite PipeCore crossover coil

      MCoil Foil coils are wound layer by layer and are particularly low-capacitive, even though their similarity to our foil wound capacitors would suggest otherwise. Ferrite Cores are sintered from a metal-plastic-powder.


      Mundorf MCoil AirCore crossover coil

      MCoil AirCores, made from massive copper round-wire, have been specially developed for high-quality loudspeakers, focusing on achieving an utmost natural, detailed, and acoustically balanced music performance.


      Mundorf Resistors

      At SoundImports, we offer 3 types of cross-over resistors from Mundorf, 5W and 10W metal oxides, and their excellent 20W Supreme.


      Mundorf Mresist MOX Metal-oxide resistor

      In comparison to cement resistors, metal-oxide film resistors do not have any residual inductivity. This is the reason why metal oxide film resistors should be favoured whenever impulse speed is required, e.g. in the medium/high-frequency range. The versions SoundImports offer has a continuous load capacity of two and a half, five, or ten watts. In the impulse range, however, they are a much higher continuous load capacity. Available for 5 and 10 Watts. 


      Mundorf MResist SUPREME Audiophile resistors

      With Mundorf’s MResist SUPREME, you can enjoy even the finest details and spatial information, which normally gets lost. Due to the complex bifilar structure from 1Ω with two wires being wound around the high-temperature-resistant cement element simultaneously, the inductance is always below 75µH.

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