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        12" Subwoofer | 57 L | MDF Starter Kit

        12" Subwoofer | 57 L | MDF Starter Kit


        Denovo Audio 12" Subwoofer | 57 L | MDF Starter Kit

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        Product description

        For casual woodworkers creating driver recesses and round overs can be a daunting task. We designed the 12" Subwoofer Starter Kit to make it easy to build your own custom DIY subwoofer with minimal tools. This kit includes a pre-cut front baffle and bracing. Therefore, you just need to make the top, bottom, sides, and back using all straight cuts with no tricky dadoes or rabbets required.



        • 1-1/2" thick front baffle for a solid surface to mount your driver
        • Perfect fit for any of the 12" Dayton Audio Reference Series or Ultimax subwoofers
        • 11-1/8" cutout (12-7/16" recess) fits many popular subwoofers
        • Extensive bracing design ties all sides together for an extremely rigid enclosure


        Product details

        Denovo Audio 12" Subwoofer | 57 L | Medium Density Fiberboard Starter Kit


        Consisting of just baffles and bracing, the 12" Subwoofer Starter Kit is the easiest and most cost effective way to build a custom 2.0 cubic foot subwoofer enclosure for novice woodworkers. Accurately cutting a hole and recess for a driver requires a high level of precision and specialized tools which can be difficult for anyone new to woodworking or who does not have space for a full woodshop. Therefore, with a precut double layer 1-1/2" thick front baffle with driver recess and round overs, along with an extensive bracing design, all of the difficult work has been done for you. You just need to cut the remaining the remaining pieces, including four 16" x 16" pieces of 3/4" MDF for the top, bottom, and sides, and one 17-1/2" x 16" piece 3/4" MDF for the back. If using a table saw you only need to move the fence once to complete the entire enclosure.


        During the CNC manufacturing process, rabbets dadoes are cut into the front panel for precise panel alignment. A unique two-piece brace adds superior rigidity without affecting the subwoofer's performance. The result is a resonance-free, sealed subwoofer cabinet. When your friends ask about it, you get the pleasure of saying, "I built it myself!"


        This 12" starter kit is cut specifically for the Dayton Audio Reference Series Subwoofers, but is suitable for many popular drivers. Check the recess dimensions, cutout dimensions, and enclosure volume to ensure a proper fit.


        Overall Volume: 2.0 cubic feet

        Driver recess diameter: 12-7/16"

        Driver Cutout Diameter: 11-1/8"


        Specifications: Panel thickness: 3/4", front baffle is 1-1/2" • Panel material: Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) • Finished net cabinet volume (subtracting the double thick baffle and bracing): 2.0 cubic feet • External dimensions: 17-1/2" H x 16" W x 18" D • Mounting depth (mounting baffle to brace): 10-1/8" • Subwoofer recess: 1/2" deep • Made in the USA.

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        By Vito on 2 January 2024
        12" Subwoofer | 57 L | MDF Starter Kit
        € 95,-
        € 114,95
        12" Subwoofer | 57 L | MDF Starter Kit
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