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        WiiM Products

        5 WiiM
        PRO+ Audio Streamer
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        € 206,57
        € 249,95
        Pro Universal Streamer
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        € 148,72
        € 179,95
        Mini | Audio-Streamer
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        € 99,13
        € 119,95
        2 x 100 W
        Amp Streaming Amplifier
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        € 289,21
        € 349,95
        Voice Remote for WiiM Mini and Pro
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        € 24,75
        € 29,95

        WiiM: The Synthesis of Innovation and Fidelity in Music Streaming

        WiiM stands at the forefront of audio innovation, offering an array of products that embody the very essence of a connected, high-fidelity sound experience. With a commitment to quality and accessibility, WiiM has become synonymous with the seamless fusion of your beloved tunes and the technology that delivers them.


        The WiiM Mini: A Budget-Friendly Giant

        Enter the realm of the WiiM Mini, a mini streamer that defies its modest price tag. As a cheap music streamer, it offers an entry point into the world of high-quality audio without the financial burden. The WiiM Mini ensures that every music lover can step into the arena of enhanced sound, enjoying features like AirPlay streaming, all packed within a device that’s both powerful and discreet.


        WiiM Pro: The Pro Streamer for the Connoisseur 

        For those who demand more, the WiiM Pro is the pro streamer that takes your audio experience to professional levels. It's not just a wifi streamer; it's a statement of audiophile intent. With the WiiM Pro, streaming music over your home WiFi network becomes an exhibition of clarity and range, delivering the highs and lows of your music with pristine precision.


        Affordability Meets Excellence

        WiiM’s lineup, including the WiiM Mini and the WiiM Pro, stands as a testament to the brand’s ethos: to deliver affordable, high-quality streaming solutions. The term 'cheap music streamer' doesn’t do justice to the value and performance packed within the WiiM devices. They're economically priced gateways to a world where every beat is rendered with crystal clear definition.


        The Seamless Connectivity of WiiM Streamers

        Each WiiM product is a nod to the future of music enjoyment. As a wifi streamer, WiiM devices effortlessly connect to your home network, promising stability and reach. With AirPlay streamer capabilities, the WiiM range becomes an extension of your iOS devices, offering a harmonious and intuitive streaming experience.


        WiiM Pro+: The Pinnacle of Streaming Elegance

        The WiiM Pro+ represents the zenith of the WiiM brand’s offerings. A pro streamer in every sense, it transcends the standard wifi streamer category, delivering features designed for the most discerning of audiophiles. Its high-resolution DAC and Roon Ready status elevate it to a class of its own, offering an unmatched audio streaming experience.


        A WiiM for Every Listener

        Whether you're just venturing into the world of audio streaming with the WiiM Mini or seeking the sophisticated capabilities of the WiiM Pro, WiiM has a product that resonates with your needs. With a commitment to affordability, quality, and user-friendly design, WiiM is redefining what it means to be a cheap music streamer and pro streamer brand.

        Embrace the future of music with WiiM, where every device promises an encounter with pure, uninterrupted sound. Dive into the depths of your favorite melodies with a WiiM streamer and emerge with a renewed appreciation for the art of music. Welcome to the world of WiiM – the name that’s becoming synonymous with superior wireless audio streaming. Are you not sure which streamer is the right one for your needs? Then do not hesitate and contact our customer service. Our trained staff is ready to help you!

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