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        Acry-Tech Products

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        4.25 KG
        DuraTex spray speaker paint
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        23 cm
        textured roller
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        10 cm
        textured roller 2 Pack
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        With over 35 years of experience, Acry-Tech counts as a worldwide leader in protective coatings for speaker cabinets. Their factory, located in South Florida, is fully equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure quality products on time for even the largest orders. Acry-Tech’s coatings are used in the professional audio world as well as in projects of Do-It-Yourself-er. They have experience with almost every conceivable surface that could benefit from coatings and guarantee to determine the very best solutions. SoundImports offers Acry-Tech’s coating in different bucket sizes and combination with textured roller with handle.


        DuraTex Cabinet Coating

        The classic under the cabinet coatings and the most popular one here at SoundImports! Duratex self-priming formulation eliminates the need for a multi-step finish. It is available in three colour variants: Black, White and Ultra Deep. Adding multiple coats of DuraTex to a cabinet or case increases the surfaces' strength and weather resistance. Simply roll it onto your speaker cabinets, and DuraTex's water-based, non-toxic, proprietary blend of high-tech polymers and low volatile organic compounds quickly dries to the touch within three hours (completely curing in about seven days). There is more than one way to apply DuraTex, depending on the finish you prefer. However, you first apply a roller grade by brush or roller to coat the surface evenly. A heavy first coat followed by a lighter second layer will give a smoother texture. A heavy second layer on the other side will produce an even more rough texture. Tip: By adding a small amount of water to the product will smoothen out the texture profile and can provide the well-known “orange peel” texture.

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