Visaton CLOU | DIY Components Pack | Sold as Pair

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The CLOU is a slim 2-way column speaker offering real value for money as a key feature, as shown in the choice of two WS 17 E woofers for the bass/mid frequencies and the SC 10 N tweeter for the higher frequency range.

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Visaton CLOU | DIY Components Pack | Sold as Pair

The CLOU is a slim 2-way column speaker offering real value for money as a key feature, as shown in the choice of two WS 17 E woofers for the bass/mid frequencies and the SC 10 N tweeter for the higher frequency range.



  • Bass/mid woofers separated in different closed cabinet volumes
  • Subtle emphasis on bass frequencies
  • Slim design


Product Details

Visaton CLOU DIY Components Pack


To guarantee balanced overall sound quality using these less expensive drivers, the two bass/mid woofers are physically separated from each other and each has its own enclosure. The lower WS 17 E is mounted in a 36 liter compartment. This produces a uniform increase in the frequency response from 60 to 600 Hz. The upper WS 17 E is mounted in a smaller 16 liter compartment, which causes a slight increase in the range of frequencies between 60 and 150 Hz. However, taken together, the two bass/mid woofers create a harmonious bass foundation which deliberately emphasizes the frequencies between 60 and 130 Hz. To ensure a seamless transition between the tweeter and the bass drivers, you need a properly balanced damping circuit to cut out any unwanted peaks and resonance. The result of this unusual combination of drivers and cabinet is a column speaker that has to be seen and heard to be believed and one which produces a sound quality well above its moderate price range.


Extract from Hobby HiFi 

“In the editorial listening room, the Clou speakers demonstrated a convincing liveliness right from the start. They played everything from pop to jazz and classical music - anything our CD player offered them - in a bubbly, impulsive manner. But, at the same time, they remained unobtrusive and fully in control, even at maximum volumes. They coped effortlessly with even the most dramatic dynamic attacks. (...) Bass runs came across beautifully clearly. (...) Voices were reproduced as realistically and three-dimensionally as possible, and were easily differentiated even with complex choral recordings. (...) An excellent speaker, this Clou. So much loudspeaker for so little money -...- you do not find offers like this often, and, if you do, you never get this sound quality. A real insiders' tip.”


Extract from Audio 2

“The Clou speakers are one hundred per cent fun. The subtle emphasis on bass frequencies and the slightly subdued medium range presence give these speakers a pleasant, well-balanced, smooth tonality which is bound to be a hit with the intended target group. Extracting a solid 50 Hz from an enclosed cabinet is quite a feat. During our tests, we could not resist the temptation of trying the system to its limits and opted for Ramstein's "Engel". Not a hope. The speakers remained totally under control and non-invasive, but delivered a fair share of dynamism. So, if you want to get clued up, get yourself the Clou.”


Extract from HiFi Sparbuch

“In the listening room, we could hardly believe the pleasure this remarkably low-priced loudspeaker was able to generate. Without the faintest hint of severity or obtrusiveness, the Clou wasted no time getting into its stride and, in contrast to many sets favored by audiophiles, its gently rounded balance made even moderate-quality pop & rock recordings sound good, poor quality recordings sounded acceptable and with really good quality recordings one felt one was part of the action. Its spatial separation was credible and its vocal reproduction very good. It is in particular the dynamic qualities of the Clou that really stand out, especially the physically tangible punch in the bass department which is very taught, which will please many aficionados.”


Included Components:



Article code



WS 17 E – 8

Visaton WS 17 E – 8 Bass-mid woofer


SC 10 N

Visaton SC 10 N 1" Fabric Tweeter



Visaton CLOU Assembled Crossover



Visaton ST 77 Round Terminal Cup



Visaton Damping material



Screw 3.5 x 25 mm (countersunk)



Screw 3.5 x 19 mm



Cable 2 x 0.75 mm²

Note: Cabinets are not included.


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CLOU | DIY Components Pack | Sold as Pair

CLOU | DIY Components Pack | Sold as Pair

€ 249,95

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