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      RSP-200-36 Stabilisiertes Schaltnetzteil

      RSP-200-36 Stabilisiertes Schaltnetzteil


      Mean Well RSP-200-36 Stabilisiertes Schaltnetzteil

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      Marke: Mean Well
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      The Mean Well RSP-200-36 is a versatile and reliable switched-mode power supply (SMPS) that converts AC input voltage to a single DC output voltage of 36V at 5.56A. It has a power output of 200W and is rated for continuous operation.



      • PFC (Power Factor Correction)
      • Free Air Convection
      • Wide Input Voltage Range
      • Short Circuit Protection


      Product details

      Mean Well RSP-200-36 Switched Mode Power Supply


      One of the most notable features of the RSP-200-36 is its built-in PFC (Power Factor Correction) circuit. PFC helps to improve the power factor of the system, which can save energy and reduce harmonic distortion on the power grid. This makes the RSP-200-36 a more environmentally friendly choice than other SMPSs that do not have PFC.


      Another great feature of the RSP-200-36 is its free air convection cooling. This means that it does not require a fan, which makes it a quiet and low-maintenance option. This is especially important for applications where noise is a concern, such as in medical settings or security systems.


      The RSP-200-36 also has a wide input voltage range of 85-264VAC, making it compatible with a variety of AC power sources. This makes it a great choice for applications where the input voltage may vary, such as in industrial settings or telecom applications.


      Finally, the RSP-200-36 has short circuit protection and overload protection to prevent damage to the power supply or connected equipment in the event of a fault.

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      Max Output Power
      Output Voltage (V)
      32.4 ~ 39.6V
      Output Current (A)
      0 ~ 5.56A
      Max Output current (A)
      Ripple & noise (max.)
      Mains voltage input
      88 ~ 264VAC - 124 ~ 370VDC
      Overload / Over Voltage / Over temperature
      Tye of cooling
      Free air convection
      Connector type
      Screw terminals
      Dimensions (D x W x H)

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      RSP-200-36 Stabilisiertes Schaltnetzteil
      66,07 €
      79,95 €
      RSP-200-36 Stabilisiertes Schaltnetzteil
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