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      LP-225 12-20 VDC 2 x 25W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier | Line Input | Preamp Line Output

      LP-225 12-20 VDC 2 x 25W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier | Line Input | Preamp Line Output


      Lepai LP-225 12-20 VDC 2 x 25W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier | Line Input | Preamp Line Output

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      Marke: Lepai
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      Vor-und Nachteile

      Laut unserer Spezialisten
      • Subwoofer output
      • Very small size
      • Volume control does not modulate the preamp output level


      Who says great sound is impossible out of a mini amplifier that fits in the palm of your hand? The Lepai LP-225 cranks up to 25W per channel and has bass and treble controls to customize the sound to your liking. Bluetooth 5.0 makes it even better giving you the freedom of wireless connection. Mount and wire the LP-225 to any 12 VDC source permanently or add optional accessories to plug it in/out with multiple power sources.



      • Bluetooth 5.0 delivers wireless capability up to 50 ft
      • Line-input for sources that are missing Bluetooth capability
      • Preamp Line-out for optional powered subwoofers to add even more bass
      • Mini 63,5mm x 49,2mm x 11,1mm body size with 9,5mm x 3,2mm mounting tabs enable it to be mounted in tight spaces
      • SNR 98.8 dB @ 8 ohms, A-weighting for clean listening pleasure
      • Aluminum enclosure that is lightweight yet sturdy for automotive use
      • Home AC power adapter sold separatel


      Product details

      Lepai LP-225 12-20 VDC 2 x 25W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier with 3.5mm Line Input and Preamp Line Output


      The LP-225 mini-Bluetooth 5.0 amplifier mounts in almost any location because of its size. Its main body size of 88,9mm x 50,8mm x 3,2mm enables it to mount in glove compartments, indents in dashes, or other areas in multiple types of vehicles. Set the controls and hide it away or expose it for sound customization for each song. Use the four holes in the 9,5mm x 3,2mm mounting tabs to secure it for a more permanent installation. LP-225 includes a 3.3 ft. 20 AWG DC cable with a 2.1 x 5.5 mm tip positive plug to connect to a fuse box or other 12 VDC source. If using a 24 VDC power source the speakers must be 8 ohms.


      Lepai LP-225 may be a mini amplifier, but don't let the size fool you. It cranks out 25W RMS/channel which makes it perfect for most automotive speakers from 6,4cm up to 15,2cm x 2,54cm. Hookup the LP-225 to vintage bookshelf speakers made for car or home like Minimus 7, 77 or other metal enclosure types. Add an optional 12 to 20 VDC AC adapter to crank up any home bookshelf speaker that might be able to handle 25W RMS.


      Create your own powered Bluetooth speaker with vintage bookshelf speakers that you have or buy new ones instead of buying an amplified plug in Bluetooth speaker. The low-cost LP-225 mounts easily to most wooden bookshelf speaker enclosures and Bluetooth 5.0 lets you wirelessly connect to the speakers via your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other Bluetooth media player. You may have a 12 VDC 2A 2.1 x 5.5 tip positive AC adapter from old computer speakers to power it. If not check all the options for power below. Add a powered subwoofer to the preamp line output on the LP-225 to add extreme bass to the bookshelf speakers.


      Pairing Instructions

      Pairing your Bluetooth device to the LP-225 is very simple. The Blue LED flashes on the amp when looking to pair with a Bluetooth device. Go to the Bluetooth settings in your device and start scanning. Select the LP-225 in your list of found items. The Blue LED on the amp will turn solid when paired successfully. There's no strange voices or beeping sounds when paired. You might need to use the pairing button on the amp to unpair other devices previously paired. When using the line input on the LP-225 it cuts out the Bluetooth for non-Bluetooth sources.


      Its lightweight, durable aluminum shell holds up to rough environments which makes it perfect for many automotive applications. It includes a DC cord to wire directly to the fuse box.

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      Nennleistung (QMW)
      @2x25W, 24V,1kHz
      Signal-Rausch-Verhältnis (SNR)
      98.8 dB (2 x 25W@8Ohm, A-weighting)
      10 kΩ
      Subwoofer pre-out
      Preamp Line-out
      Abmessungen (T x B x H)
      3-1/2" x 2-1/16” x 1-9/16"

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      3 von 5
      +: Compact +: Goedkoop -: antenneaansluiting zat los -: schroefjes behuizing te zwak en te vast, daardoor slecht open te krijgen. -: volume lijkt bij zachtere passages te variëren. -: bereik Bluetooth zeer beperkt (6m open verbinding?) ondanks antenne.
      Durch Erik on 4 April 2024
      LP-225 12-20 VDC 2 x 25W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier | Line Input | Preamp Line Output
      33,02 €
      39,95 €
      LP-225 12-20 VDC 2 x 25W Mini Bluetooth Amplifier | Line Input | Preamp Line Output
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