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      001-7035 | 3,30 µF | 3% | 100 V | Alumen Z-Kondensator

      001-7035 | 3,30 µF | 3% | 100 V | Alumen Z-Kondensator


      Jantzen Audio 001-7035 | 3,30 µF | 3% | 100 V | Alumen Z-Kondensator

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      The Alumen Z-Cap (pure aluminium foil capacitors) was especially designed for the tweeter and mid-section of crossovers for passive hi-fi speakers.



      • Ultra-thin dielectric insulation to eliminate memory effect in the capacitor
      • An extremely fast reacting capacitor
      • High quality pure aluminium foil wound with highly specialised machinery and precision winding techniques
      • Specifically designed for the tweeter and mid-range section of passive crossovers
      • Can also be used as coupling capacitors for transistor amplifiers


      Product details

      Jantzen Audio 001-7035 | 3,30 µF | 3% | 100 V | Alumen Z-Cap


      The improved transparency performance of this new cap is on the same high level as Jantzen Silver/Gold Z-Cap, but with a slightly softer tonal presence and less brightness / sheen / glare in comparison. The Alumen Z-Cap will offer a more “neutral” presentation in the overall sound in certain crossover designs. By “neutral” Jantzen refers to the fact that the focus will be shifted from what can be a somewhat overemphasized brightness from a Super PP cap, to a more even balancing between the depth of the midrange and the presence of the tweeter.


      It utilises a much thinner dielectric insulation compared to the market standard. A high voltage rating is not needed for application related to passive loudspeaker crossovers. The usage of a thinner dielectric insulator allows for a capacitor with less “memory” and one that is much faster reacting. The Alumen Z-Cap offers unparalleled value for money in terms of cost versus performance. Compared to the Superior capacitors, the Alumen Z-Cap will bring less brightness and a little more natural top end balance to your system. Ideal for audio aficionados who prefer a slightly less bright system, while also hearing improvements in the overall naturalness/neutrality of the system as a whole.


      Specifications: Capacitor foil: Pure aluminium • Dielectric: Polypropylene • Voltage rating:100 VDC / 65 VAC • Capacitance tolerance: +/- 3% (on nominal value) • Temperature range: - 30C to + 85C • Extremely low ESR and SEL data • Non inductive construction • Terminal leads: Pure PCOCC grade copper • Dissipation factor: .0001 • Signal direction: None (non-polarised capacitor) • Very low ESR, SEL, inductance and dielectric absorption data • Leadout dimensions: 1mm (diameter) x 48mm (length).

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      Kapazität (µF)
      3.3 µF
      100 V
      Abmessungen: Ø * L (mm)
      26 x 95

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      5 von 5
      Bought these as upgrade for my luxmans l400 input capacitors, used to have mundorf Supremes in there before, these are a very big step up from the mundorfs. Quite a lot more harmonics, better textures, a lot more real and natural sound overall, superb balance from base to treble. Truly transparent and fast. Superb capacitors for signal path purposes.
      Durch Martin on 4 Dezember 2023
      5 von 5
      Durch Thomas on 24 April 2023
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      001-7035 | 3,30 µF | 3% | 100 V | Alumen Z-Kondensator
      45,- €
      54,45 €
      001-7035 | 3,30 µF | 3% | 100 V | Alumen Z-Kondensator
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