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    Acry-Tech Acoust-X 3,3kg Absorption Coating Paintable Damping Material

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    Acoust-X from Acry-Tech is a flexible, high build paintable damping material specifically formulated for use inside speaker enclosures. This is the perfect material to help control resonances and reduce unwanted vibrations.
    • Water soluble for easy cleanup
    • Easy application with a brush, roller, or hopper gun
    • Works great as a viscoelastic layer for constrained-layer damping
    • Also perfect for car audio applications


    Product details

    Acoust-X 3,3kg Absorption Coating Paintable Damping Material

    Acoust-X sound absorbing coating for speaker cabinet interiors reduces bounce-back, resonance, and unwanted vibrations. Acry-Tech formulated water-soluble Acoust-X with hollow ceramic microspheres, sound absorbing fillers, and high adhesion resins. Apply low density, high build, soft & flexible Acoust-X to the interior of speaker cabinets during assembly, or upgrade existing enclosures to minimize ringing and improve transients.

    Also perfect for car audio applications: paint Acoust-X on door skins, firewalls, and floorboards to reduce road, engine, and wind noise. In addition, the material is flexible, which makes it perfect for minimizing rattles and squeaks caused by interior panels and trim touching each other.

    The ideal sound damping coating, Acoust-X can be applied with a roller, brush, or a hopper gun sprayer. Cleanup is super easy, requiring only water.


    Application Instructions:

    Substrate must be clean and dry before you apply Acoust-X.

    For best results apply in two moderately thick layers and allow to dry between coats. A stippled surface provides more damping than a smooth surface, so do not worry about trying to smooth the coating too much.

    Brush Application: Brush on a heavy coat at least 3 times heavier than typical paint and allow to dry. Dabbing the brush in the wet material helps create a rougher, more efficient layer. Apply second coat if necessary after first coat has dried.

    Roller Application: Use a 2 cm nap and up to a 3 cm nap to create a thick, rough layer. Apply second coat if necessary after first coat has dried.

    Hopper Gun: Use a large orifice and allow the Acoust-X to spatter the inside of the cabinet. Do not try to make the coating smooth, it works best with a rougher finish.

    Coverage: Approximately 4,6 to 7 square meter per 3,3kg (At 4,6 square meter per gallon, the yield will be 23 dry mils of soft, flexible, sound absorbing coating)


    Note: Keep Acry-Tech Acoust-X from freezing. If the Acoust-X freezes, it does not return back to its original composition.

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    Using this product now to build a small loudspeaker. Easy to use. I don't know yet about its acoustic behaviour until the speaker is built, but it looks like it will do what it says.
    Durch Caroline H. on 20 März 2019
    Acoust-X 3,3kg Absorption Coating Paintable Damping Material
    34,67 €
    41,95 €
    Acoust-X 3,3kg Absorption Coating Paintable Damping Material
    10+ Auf Lager
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