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      HiVi Swans DIY2.2-A | DIY Kit | Cabinet and Components | Pair

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      • 2.0 bookshelf speakers - full-range sound for accurate image and balanced frequency response.
      • System Type - a two-way fourth order vented bookshelf speakers. Free. Range 43 Hz - 20kHz. Sensitivity 86 dB power 10W - 120W
      • Long throw woofer - 3" voice Coil. Shielded vented Magnet system. Mineral-filled polypropylene Cone.
      • Dome tweeter - 1" fabric dome, shielded, designed to withstand elevated temperatures. Especially good at reproducing Female vocals.
      • Easy assemble - with all necessary parts equipped, including speaker cabinets, drivers, screws, wires, acoustic dampening material, grill covers, crossover and other related electronic components. Some tools required.


      Product details

      HiVi Swans DIY2.2-A Bookshelf Speaker | DIY Kit | Cabinet and Components | Pair


      This kit includes everything you need to build a 2-way pair of speakers. The boxes are unfinished MDF which you can paint or veneer. A vinyl white wood grain veneer is supplied which you can adhere to the box. Grill cloth and the grill frames are included.


      For detailed assembly videos, please refer to www.swanskits.com.

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      4 from 5Based on 2 reviews
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      4 van 5
      I’m rating this complete kit with 4 stars only because the cabinets are great and it has a potential when it comes to the sound of the finished speakers. In actuality, the suggested crossover is a joke and the sound is pretty mediocre for the price, so I would rate them 3 stars if I hadn’t come up with another crossover design. There are plenty of reviews of these speakers on the net and some people are quite happy with the sound of them. Others appear to have better sense for the main issue, namely the overly aggressive top end, so adjectives like “bright” and “hot” are sometimes used to describe the treble. As for the poor bass, some people are mentioning, it’s a tricky thing. It depends on the room where they are placed in, the position in this room and our taste. I think we have to calibrate our expectations about small drivers and their performance in the lower frequency range. The drivers used in these speakers are HiVi D6.8-IIB which are supposed to be identical to D6.8B, but that’s the thing - it’s not clear and we have to rely on the information we have about the latter. Anyhow, both of them are identical in size which is officially 6” (sometimes even presented as 6,5”), but in reality they are 5,5” - yes, I’m talking about the usual offensive marketing approach of the manufactures. My point is that we cannot expect very deep bass from such a small driver - it’s all about physics and the limitations of the Mother Nature. In fact, given the real size of them, I think they are doing quite well in the bass department. Another thing about these drivers is their relatively low sensitivity. So when I said that the crossover is a joke, I mean mostly the 1,5 mH coil used in the low-pass filter which is 1,1 ohms and this is unacceptable for a good design, especially when we are dealing with not very sensitive drivers. In order to cope with the tilted frequency response of the tweeter, I used an impedance compensation network and also a broad notch filter aimed at the resonant frequency of 1 kHz. I changed the crossover frequency as well, so now I have very different crossover from what it was originally. I’ll try to document the modification and to post in the diyAudio forum in foreseeable future, so keep an eye if you’re interested...
      Door Allex on 6 Februari 2021
      3 van 5
      They're a good speaker with good drivers. BUT, there seems to be a bit of an issue with the balance between tweet and sub as its a bit bright. They do work well for female vocals, but they're not what I'd expect at this price point. I'd prefer a few other speakers over them and am rather disappointed in them. I was hoping they would mellow out with the covers, but its not enough to dampen the highs. Also the base is a bit missing and they just don't really seem to thump much. Overall, I expected more. And I'm not really happy with them. I wish they were better, and would return them if I could. Overall they're priced a bit high for what you get. If I had paid less, I would be happy but many other choices exist that would push these farther. I haven't tried them with my Tube Amp yet, and we'll have to see if that can mellow it out a bit. Hopefully the high valued Euro will drop the price down. They're very easy to assemble. All parts were included. They're missing banana clips to attach the speakers to the wire and so you got to weld on the speakers. The instructions were not the best. I may try to change the crossover frequency.
      Door Michael P. on 30 December 2020
      Swans DIY2.2-A | DIY Kit | Cabinet and Components | Pair
      € 289,21
      € 349,95
      Swans DIY2.2-A | DIY Kit | Cabinet and Components | Pair
      6 Op voorraad
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