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        MEO-0,15T5.450 | 0,15 µF | 5% | 450 V | MCap EVO Oil Condensator

        MEO-0,15T5.450 | 0,15 µF | 5% | 450 V | MCap EVO Oil Condensator


        Mundorf MEO-0,15T5.450 | 0,15 µF | 5% | 450 V | MCap EVO Oil Condensator

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        The MCap EVO Oil combines the magic of the MCap EVO‘s sound characteristic with the acoustic advantages of oil impregnated capacitors.



        • EVOLUTION winding technology
        • Purest Polypropylene foil vaporized
        • Metallised with a thick aluminium layer
        • Temperature range -25 to +125°C
        • RoHS compliant, lead-free
        • Oil impregnated capacitors
        • Made in Germany


        Product details

        Mundorf MEO-0,15T5.450 | 0,15 µF | 5% | 450 V | MCap EVO Oil capacitor


        The new EVO, range of capacitors from Mundorf incorporate their amazing EVOLUTION winding technology. This features an unusually narrow but tall capacitor reel. This format results in two benefits over the normal dimensioning of capacitors. Firstly, as a shorter width is required the signal path between the huge contact areas is greatly reduced, thus an extremely low equivalent series resistance/ESR is achieved. Secondly, in order to achieve the same capacitance, the number of paralleled windings is larger than with regular caps, thus a minimized equivalent series inductivity/ESL is achieved.


        The MCap® EVO was designed in 2012 as the successor of the RXF to facilitate utmost musical enjoyment even in small spaces on a limited budget. The PP capacitor film used here is first metallized with the thickest possible aluminium layer, then wound precisely into innovative EVOLUTION winding geometry and then potted by hand into special casings. The winding process is incredibly precise, the reels are spooled by hand in especially developed housing. Resulting in near avoidance of vibration and microphonic effects during the winding process. Furthermore, Mundorf use the purest Polypropylene foil vaporized with the thickest metal layer possible. The Capacitors are manufactured with one lead-out larger than the other to allow for horizontal and vertical mounting, the shorter lead also indicates the caps outer foil.


        Specifiactions: Dielectric: Polypropylene • Metallisation: Aluminium • Loss factor tan ∂: 0.0002 @ 1kHz; 0.0001 @ 10kHz • Permissible ambient temperature 85°C / 185°F • RoHS compliant (lead-free) • REACH compliant.

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        Capaciteit (µF)
        0.15 µF
        Maximale spanning
        450 V
        Afmetingen: Ø * L (mm)
        18 x 12

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        5 van 5
        Voor subjectieve kwaliteit zie humblehomemadehifi. Ik gebruik deze condensator als koppel condensator in een buizenversterker (phase splitter-quad parallel triode push-pull klasse A eindtrap). De condensator moest zo compact mogelijk zijn en olie gevuld (zie uitleg humblehomemadehifi). De condensator voldoet ruimschoots aan de verwachtingen.
        Door John B. on 19 Mei 2021
        MEO-0,15T5.450 | 0,15 µF | 5% | 450 V | MCap EVO Oil Condensator
        € 11,78
        € 14,25
        MEO-0,15T5.450 | 0,15 µF | 5% | 450 V | MCap EVO Oil Condensator
        8 Op voorraad
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