Dayton Audio PN395-8 15" NEO Series Pro Woofer


    Dayton Audio's PN395-8 15" pro woofer is designed to deliver reliable low frequency operation with extreme output capability and minimal power compression. Weighing only 16 lbs, and featuring a 4" inside-outside wound voice coil, powerful neodymium motor, distortion reducing copper pole cap, great excursion capability, and high power handling, the PN395-8 will produce extreme output levels with low distortion without breaking the bank or your back.



    • Weighs only 16 lbs. for easy installation and transportation
    • High efficiency (97 dB SPL at 2.83V/m) for amazing output capability
    • 4" diameter inside/outside wound copper voice coil on glass fiber former
    • Large copper cap for inductance control and low distortion
    • Powerful FEA optimized Neodymium motor system (Bl over 25 TM)
    • Generous 6.5 mm of Xmax with 48 mm peak-to-peak excursion before damage
    • Durable fiberglass reinforced ribbed paper cone for rigidity and natural sound


    Product details

    Dayton Audio PN395-8 15" NEO Series Pro Woofer 8 ohm


    Dayton Audio left no boxes unchecked on the PN395-8 woofer. It features high power handling, 4" inner and outer wound voice coil, glass fiber former, powerful FEA optimized Neodymium motor, ribbed paper cone, and a copper cap on top of the extended pole piece. Thanks to the lightweight motor assembly, the PN395-8 weighs in at only 16 lbs, 30% to 50% lighter than a comparable ferrite driver, making it "Roadie approved" and perfect for mobile DJs and portable PA systems. The PN395-8 is an ideal driver for any high output 2-way and 3-way speaker systems, bass bins, or horn loaded designs.

    Lightweight but Powerful Motor Assembly

    The lightweight but powerful neodymium motor assembly on the PN395-8 has been FEA optimized to provide a combination of low distortion and high efficiency. With the large neodymium magnet mounted inside the voice coil nearly all of the magnetic strength is concentrated into the magnetic gap providing up to 40% better utilization than conventional motor designs. The extended pole piece includes a large copper cap helping to lower distortion and linearize inductance.


    Rugged Construction and Suspension

    To stand up to the use and abuse of the professional sound environment Dayton Audio made sure the PN395-8 can take a beating. The cast aluminum frame uses 6 wide spokes to firmly support the motor assembly, and the thick mounting flange is reinforced to create an incredibly solid mounting surface. The cone, constructed of thick paper for a natural response, includes glass fiber reinforcement and uses a ribbed design offering additional structural support. Supporting the cone is a heavy spider with integrated silver tinsel leads and triple roll treated cloth surround, both designed for high excursion applications allowing the PN395-8 to handle short bursts of excessive power without damage.


    High Power Handling and Low Power Compression

    Along with high efficiency, you need a lot of power to achieve extreme SPL levels. Capable of handling up to 800 watts RMS and 1,600 watt peaks, the PN395-8 can take the heat. The 4" voice coil uses a vented fiberglass former with an inside/outside winding configuration which doubles the coil's exposed surface area for improved heat dissipation. The motor assembly includes a large pole vent along with 8 large peripheral vents in the voice coil gap to keep fresh air moving across the coil keeping the temperature at a minimum. Finally, the frame has venting behind the spider with integrated heatsinks removing as much heat as possible from the sensitive motor and voice coil.


    Woofer series
    NEO Series
    Woofer type
    Pro Woofer
    Nominale diameter
    Belastbaarheid (RMS)
    800 Watts
    Belastbaarheid (max)
    1,600 Watts
    Impedantie (Z)
    8 ohms
    97.3 dB 2.83V/1m
    40 to 3,500 Hz
    Gelijkstroomweerstand (Re)
    5.5 ohms
    Spreekspoelinductie (Le)
    2.2 mH
    Resonantiefrequentie (Fs)
    44.1 Hz
    Mechanische Q (Qms)
    Elektrische Q (Qes)
    Totale Q (Qts)
    Bewegende massa (Mms)
    Compliantie van de ophanging (Cms)
    0.09 mm/N
    Effectief oppervlak (Sd)
    890.3 cm²
    Krachtsfactor (BL)
    25.3 Tm
    Equivalentvolume (Vas)
    3.42 ft.³
    Maximale excursie (Xmax)
    6.5 mm
    Cone / Diaphragm Material
    Paper / Glass Fiber
    Spreekspoel draadmateriaal
    Spreekspoel vormermateriaal
    Mand- /framemateriaal
    Cast Aluminum
    Totale buitendiameter
    Totale diepte
    Bolt Circle Diameter
    # Bevestigingsgaten
    Gesloten volume
    0.7 ft.³
    Gesloten F3
    108 Hz
    Gepoort volume
    1.6 ft.³
    Gepoort F3
    64 Hz


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    PN395-8 15" NEO Series Pro Woofer
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    PN395-8 15" NEO Series Pro Woofer
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