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        T34B-4 Beryllium Dome Tweeter Gematched paar

        T34B-4 Beryllium Dome Tweeter Gematched paar


        BlieSMa T34B-4 Beryllium Dome Tweeter Gematched paar

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        The Bliesma T34B-4 1-1/2" Beryllium tweeter is the upgraded version of the T34A-4. Offering an even more linear frequency response and the benefit of a resonance peak that lies beyond the 30kHz. The large surface area combined with a Peak to Peak excursion of 3mm gives this tweeter the ability to be safely used down to 1300Hz.



        • 34 mm beryllium dome with 32 kHz first breakup mode
        • Extremely low moving mass for better transient response and higher efficiency
        • Fully saturated neodymium motor with copper sleeve for low non linear and modulation distortion
        • 3 mm linear excursion (P-P) and large vent channel for undistorted low frequency operation
        • Narrow surround for less "soft dome" coloration
        • Flush mounted surround and rear mounted magnet system for flat frequency response and wide off-axis response
        • No ferrofluid for improved dynamics
        • Underhung voice coil wound on titanium former
        • Flexible and lightweight lead wires made in Denmark
        • Thick aluminium powder coated flange
        • Aluminium rear chamber with natural wool damping
        • Gold plated wire terminals
        • Extremely wide recommended frequency range 1.3 kHz-40 kHz


        Product details

        BlieSMa T34B-4 1-1/2" beryllium dome tweeter


        The Bliesma T34B-4 tweeter was designed to be something new and extraordinary. It delivers all you want of a large dome, but still has the features that we desire from a small dome. The engineer of this tweeter knew exactly what he was doing. Which resulted in a very lineair frequency plot and a wide dispersion This tweeter also features an amazing low-end extension! The large surface area plus big excursion makes it possible to cross the tweeter as low as 1300Hz!


        This not only opens up a lot of options when you are deciding what woofer you are going to match with this tweeter, it also makes creating a crossover that much easier, as you have almost complete freedom over where to place the crossover. It’s extremely high sensitivity helps reducing Power compression and creating a high-sensivity speaker.


        The Beryllium variant of this Bliesma tweeter offers an even higher sensitivity than his brother and due to the lower moving mass and Beryllium dome material offers an exceptional transient response together with extremely low distortion through the complete usable frequency range.  The harder dome material exhibits a more piston like behaviour with a slightly less wide dispersion in comparison with the Aluminium-Magnesium dome, but a flatter frequency as a result. The dispersion of this model is still phenomenal for the size of te dome!


        Specifications: Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax): 1.5 mm • Surface Area of Cone (Sd): 10.5 cm2 • Diaphragm Mass Inc. Airload (Mms): 0.26 g


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        Tweeter type
        Beryllium Dome
        Cone / Dome Diameter
        32 mm | 1-1/4"
        Belastbaarheid (RMS)
        80 Watts
        Impedantie (Z)
        4 Ω
        Gevoeligheid (SPL bij 1m / 2.83V)
        97.5 dB
        1,300 to 40,000 Hz
        Resonantiefrequentie (Fs)
        790 Hz
        Gelijstroomweerstand (Re)
        3.3  ohms
        Voice Coil Inductance (Le)
        0.008 mH
        Mechanische Q (Qms)
        Electromagnetic Q (Qes)
        Totale Q (Qts)

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        3 van 5
        Severe dipp between 5-10kHz appr. max-8dB at 7kHz seen both without and with different baffle sizes that need to be corrected. Will inform if I found a baffle size that show a good frequency response.
        Door olof on 26 Februari 2023
        5 van 5
        No description was given
        Door Pauli P. on 9 Februari 2021
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        T34B-4 Beryllium Dome Tweeter Gematched paar
        € 661,12
        € 799,95
        T34B-4 Beryllium Dome Tweeter Gematched paar
        Niet op voorraad: End of life. Dit product kunnen wij niet meer leveren.
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