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        Cougar NSW1-205-8A Woofer

        Cougar NSW1-205-8A Woofer


        AuraSound Cougar NSW1-205-8A Woofer

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        AuraSound designed the 1" extended range "Cougar" driver with bleeding edge loudspeaker technology for the highest quality, full range sound, in the smallest possible package. Great for modern applications such as speaker bars, desktop computer speakers, thin tower speakers, and line arrays.



        • NRT radial neodymium motor for extremely low distortion
        • Full range, 1" underhung driver with 4.5 mm of Xmax
        • Small frame size for reduced center-to-center distance and reduced comb filtering when used in arrays
        • Extreme ventilation for great power handling
        • Great for modern audio applications including sound bars and ultra-thin tower speakers


        Product details

        AuraSound Cougar NSW1-205-8A 1" Extended Range Driver 8 Ohm


        The AuraSound "Cougar" NSW1-205-8A 1" extended range driver is packed with next-gen speaker technology. An NRT™ neodymium radial magnet motor submerses the 20 mm, underhung voice coil in magnetic flux for supreme control, low distortion, high output (for its size), and wide frequency range without stray magnetic fields that could potentially damage sensitive electronics, while the extreme venting provided by a capless pole piece evacuates air that would otherwise be compressed (in a driver this size).


        A titanium cone is mated to a foam surround to reduce cone breakup, for an extremely linear frequency response from 250 to 20,000 Hz. The low, 220 Hz free air resonance combines with 2.25 mm of Xmax (9 mm maximum peak-to-peak excursion) to allow for low crossover points, meaning you can pair the Cougar with nearly any woofer up to 5 feet away (2-1/2 ft. is the recommended maximum) seamlessly.


        AuraSound built the NSW1-205-8A with a non-resonant, minimalistic, rear-mount frame for close center-to-center placement which is especially important in line arrays to minimize comb filtering. When used in series-parallel groups of four, the Cougar's output is increased from 78 dB 1W/1m to roughly 84 dB 1W/1m, with power handling increased to 20 watts RMS. Grouping eight together, and wiring for 4 ohms, yields roughly 90 dB of output at 1W/1m with power handling increased to 40 watts RMS.


        Adding a series 80 microfarad capacitor creates a 250 Hz, 1st-order high pass and increases power handling. When wired in pairs or groups for a 4 ohm load, use a series 160 microfarad capacitor for the same effect.


        Specifications: Compliance Equivalent Volume (Vas): 0.01 ft.3 • Maximum Linear Excursion (Xmax): 2.25mm • Surface Area of Cone (Sd): 5.31 cm² • Cone Material: Titanium • Surround Material: Foam • Voice Coil Wire Material: CCA • Voice Coil Former: Aluminum • Basket / Frame  Material: Polymer • Magnet Material: Neodymium • Baffle Cutout Diameter: Rear mount 1.42" • Bolt Circle Diameter: 1.69” • # Mounting Holes: 4

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        Woofer type
        Extended Range Driver
        Nominale diameter
        Belastbaarheid (RMS)
        5 Watts
        Belastbaarheid (max)
        20 Watts
        Impedantie (Z)
        8 Ohms
        Gevoeligheid (SPL bij 1m / 2.83V)
        78 dB
        220-20,000 Hz
        Gelijkstroomweerstand (Re)
        6.3 Ohms
        Resonantiefrequentie (Fs)
        220 Hz
        Mechanische Q (Qms)
        Elektrische Q (Qes)
        Totale Q (Qts)
        Bewegende massa (Mms)
        0.5 g
        Compliantie van de ophanging (Cms)
        1.155 mm/N
        Effectief oppervlak (Sd)
        5.31 cm²
        Krachtsfactor (BL)
        1.9 Tm
        Equivalentvolume (Vas)
        0.04 L
        Maximale excursie (Xmax)
        2.25 mm
        Cone / Diaphragm Material
        Spreekspoel draadmateriaal
        Mand- /framemateriaal
        Totale buitendiameter
        39 x 39 mm
        36 mm
        Bolt Circle Diameter
        43 mm
        # Bevestigingsgaten
        Diameter bevestigingsgaten
        3.4 mm

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        5 van 5
        VERY GOOD,If you have 8 "AURA speakers, I can buy a lot of them too
        Door Linghua on 6 Juli 2023
        3 van 5
        not what i was expecting, very low output below 2k
        Door Marco B. on 4 September 2020
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        Cougar NSW1-205-8A Woofer
        € 20,62
        € 24,95
        Cougar NSW1-205-8A Woofer
        10+ Op voorraad
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