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        LM317 DC-DC Buck Converter

        LM317 DC-DC Buck Converter


        LM317 DC-DC Buck Converter

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        Drop your voltage from up to 36 VDC down to 5 VDC with this DC to DC buck converter. Perfect for projects that the main board needs high voltage, but the accessory or preamp boards need less voltage and require low current.



        • Built-in variable voltage LM317T regulator keeps voltage constant
        • Heatsink helps keep the LM317T from overheating 
        • Small 35.6 mm x 17.8 mm board fits in small projects
        • Eliminates extra power supplies due to DC voltage differences


        Product Details

        LM317 DC-DC Buck Converter 5V 6V 9V 12V 24V Voltage Step Down Module Linear Regulator


        This DC to DC buck board enables you to add lower voltage preamp boards to high powered amp board projects requiring two to three times more voltage. Therefore it eliminates the need for two separate power supplies. This buck board converts up to 36 VDC down to 5 VDC. If you add a Bluetooth receiver or tone control board to your project that requires 24 VDC, the buck board takes the voltage down to 12 VDC which most preamp boards require. The LM317T maximum current capacity is 1.5A.


        Note: Continue turning the potentiometer slowly clockwise until the voltage starts changing.


        Specifications: • Input voltage: DC 4.2 to 40V • Output voltage: 1.2 to 37 VDC • Output current: 1.5A • Maximum output current: Maximum output current =3/(input voltage-output voltage) • Characteristics frequency: 100 MHz • Input: VIN positive input stage, GND negative input • Output: VOUT output positive level, GND output negative • Operating temperature: -67° to 140° F • Dimensions: 35.6 mm x 17.8 mm L x 21.6 mm.

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        LM317 DC-DC Buck Converter
        € 4,09
        € 4,95
        LM317 DC-DC Buck Converter
        4 Op voorraad
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