miniDSP UMIK-X USB Multichannel microphone array


    USB Multichannel microphone array, Up to 16ch audio recording, A2B wiring allows daisy-chaining of multiple arrays, REW integration for multichannel-analysis



    • Multichannel - Multipoint Microphone measurement system
    • Up to 4xUMA4 MEMS microphone arrays can be daisy-chained
    • Low Distortion, High AOP, High SNR Knowles MEMS (SPH0655LM4H-1)
    • 24bit 44.1/48kHz recording, ASIO drivers
    • USB to A2B® module for multichannel audio streaming over long cables (up to 40m)
    • REW license for Multichannel measurement


    Product Details

    miniDSP UMIK-X USB Multichannel microphone array


    The UMIK-X consists of one to four UMA4 microphone modules and a USB-A2B interface to interface the modules to the computer. Between four and 16 microphones can therefore be connected. UMA4 modules are daisy-chained to each other using a single twisted-pair cable carrying Analog Devices A2B protocol for multichannel audio at 24-bit/44.1 or 48 kHz. A single cable for audio + power for up to 40m distance! Applications include environmental monitoring and distributed sound field measurement. The distributed omnidirectional microphones in the array allow quick measurement and analysis in applications such as room equalization and distributed subwoofer tuning.


    The UMIK-X is a UAC-2 compliant interface that comes with its own ASIO driver and is driverless for macOS and Linux. For Windows, an ASIO driver is provided. Last but not least, the UMIK-X is compatible with the new multi-channel measurement capability of Room EQ Wizard (v5.20 and up). While this is normally a paid upgrade, a license for the upgrade is already included with your purchase.


    The UMIK-X is now available for sale in 2 complete, ready to go packages to get up and running in no time! The basic package supports up to 8 x Channel recording (2 x UMA4 arrays) and 16 channel recording (4 x UMA4 arrays).


    What's in the box?

    • 1 x USB to A2B interface for multichannel audio streaming / Multichannel USB audio streaming
    • 2 or 4 x UMA4 Microphone Modules based on option selected above
    • 1 x License Code for Multichannel Audio Measurement with REW
    • 1 x shielded USB cable (2m)
    • A2B Twisted pair cable for microphone module daisy-chaining: 2 x UMA4 package (1 x 5m, 1 x 3m , 1 x 5cm), 4 x UMA4 package (1 x 5m, 3 x 3m , 2x 5cm)
    • 2 or 4 (depending on the package selected) Microphone monoPods / Extendable up to 1.2m height.
    • Linking brackets to link 2 x microphone arrays together
    • 1 x USB power supply with UK/EU/US plugs to powerup the whole system



    Item: USB to A2B interface


    USB streaming engine

     XMOS Multicore USB audio processor for UAC2 streaming

    USB audio capabilities

    USB audio recording for up to 16ch audio channels

    • Driverless under OSx, Linux
    • Custom ASIO drivers for Win10 platforms

    Resolution / Sample rate

    24bit @ 44.1/48 kHz

    Analog devises A2B link

    Multichannel audio link via A2B protocol, Up to 40m long cable


    Toslink Out: Stereo link to Playback system / Toslink In: No enabled


    Power/Active link indication

    Power supply

    External 5V USB power supply

    Dimensions / Weight

    24x64x67mm / 90g


    Item: UMA-4  Microphone Module


    Analog devises A2B link

    Multichannel audio link via A2B protocol. Dual-port for Daisy chain up to 4 x UMA4

    MEMS microphones

    4 x Knowles MEMS with low noise buffer and high-performance modulator:

    • Low distortion: 1% @ 130 dB SPL
    • Sensitivity: -37dBFS @ 94dB SPL (1kHz)
    • Acoustic Overload Point (AOP): 132.5dB SPL
    • High SNR: 66 dBA and flat frequency response
    • RF shielded against mobile interference
    • Omnidirectional pick-up pattern
    • Matched sensitivity for uniform response


    Plastic clamp for microphone mounting

    Dimensions (mm) / Weight

    160x180mm / 27g




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