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      Dayton Audio 6-1/2" Active Mini Subwoofer Kit with 2.1 Channel Amplifier

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      This compact active subwoofer kit is perfect for powering a compact 2.1 channel speaker system. The Dayton Audio DCS165-4 6-1/2" subwoofer is driven with 60 watts RMS for powerful output and incredible low-frequency extension. The Lepai LP210PA amplifier also has 2 x 30 watt RMS outputs to power your left and right speakers. This kit is the perfect start to building your own amazingly convenient self-contained 2.1 channel system.



      • Built-in 2.1 channel amplifier makes this ideal for powering a desktop or bedroom system
      • High excursion DCS165-4 driver delivers surprising output and extension in a small package
      • 60 watts RMS for the subwoofer and 2 x 30 watts RMS for the left and right speakers
      • Customize the precision-cut CNC enclosure to fit any decor
      • Down-firing configuration protects driver from curious fingers and/or feet if placed under a desk
      • Includes everything required for assembly; enclosure, driver, amplifier, screws, and wire
      • Woofer Diameter 6.5"
      • Perfect match with Copperhead DIY speaker kit 


      Product details

      Dayton Audio 6-1/2" Active Mini Subwoofer Kit with 2.1 Channel Amplifier


      If you want to create a compact powered speaker system then this down-firing active mini subwoofer kit with a built-in Lepai LP210PA 2.1 channel amplifier is a great place to begin. The Dayton Audio DCS165-4 6-1/2" driver is powered with 60 watts RMS for powerful bass response and excellent output capability. The amplifier also includes 2 x 30 watts RMS outputs to power your left and right speakers. This system gives you plenty of power to create a desktop or gaming system that will deliver incredible impact and dynamics. It is even powerful enough to create a self-contained system for a bedroom or impressive television speaker system.


      About the Enclosure

      The stylish vented enclosure provides heart-thumping bass and in-room extension to below 40 Hz. With adjustable tuning capability, this kit can be dialed in to match your system’s needs. This passive subwoofer takes up less than 1 square foot of floor space but still has the capability to make the perfect match for most small bookshelf speakers. The locally sourced CNC-cut knock-down enclosure is constructed of 3/4" MDF and is designed to be easily assembled with basic woodworking tools. The integrated legs elevate the enclosure to provide ample clearance and breathing room for the driver even on thick carpet. The sleek design includes round overs on each vertical corner making it easy to finish the enclosure to fit into any décor.


      About the Driver

      Dayton Audio's rugged DCS165-4 6-1/2" subwoofer has all of the performance-enhancing attributes you would expect from a larger high-output subwoofer. With a vented pole piece and 4 ohms, 4-layer voice coil, this driver can handle up to 100 watts RMS. The non-pressed paper cone is reinforced with Kevlar to increase stiffness, which promotes linear travel through the limits of its excursion. In addition, the pole piece includes a copper cap that keeps inductance to a minimum. The DCS165-4 driver is ideal for use in small multimedia speakers, portable speakers, or even automotive systems where space is at a minimum.


      About the Amplifier

      The straightforward features make the Lepai LP210PA extremely easy to connect and set up. Input is handled through stereo RCA connectors. For the power outputs, there is a Phoenix connector on the back of the amplifier to connect directly to your subwoofer driver, along with binding posts on the front of the plate for simple connection to a pair of separate satellite speakers. The adjustable subwoofer volume, crossover frequency, and main speaker volume make it easy to create a smooth transition between the subwoofer and satellite speakers. In addition, this amplifier includes a unique channel selection switch, which allows you to turn off the satellite speakers and run just the subwoofer by itself allowing you to run separate powered satellites from the stereo RCA pass-through outputs.


      Specifications: Subwoofer power: 60 watts RMS • Left/Right power: 2 x 30 watts RMS • Amplifier chip: 2 x TPA3118 • Subwoofer crossover: 30 - 150 Hz 12 dB/octave (variable) • Left/Right crossover: 100 Hz 6 dB/octave (fixed)• Input: RCA (with pass through outputs) •  Power supply output: 15 V @ 4A • Input voltage: 100-240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz •  Dimensions: 13.75cm H x 22.86cm W x 30.48cm D • Weight 6 kg


      Note:This kit comes with everything required to build a single-powered subwoofer. Including a pre-cut enclosure, driver, plate amplifier, mounting screws, and speaker wire.

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      6-1/2" Active Mini Subwoofer Kit with 2.1 Channel Amplifier
      € 173,51
      € 209,95
      6-1/2" Active Mini Subwoofer Kit with 2.1 Channel Amplifier
      7 Op voorraad
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