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Winnaar October

David H. - Dayton Audio MK402BT
 I bought these after seeing them getting lots of recommendation. After being very disappointed with the sound quality of several cheap Bluetooth speakers I was looking for small, STEREO, with great sound across the spectrum, and reasonably portable. These are just fantastic! I love the sound, which is clear and crisp with plenty of low end. So much more detailed than everything else I've tried. Highly recommended. The only negative, and the reason for losing 1 star, is the loud and annoying 'starwars' sound on start-up, and the equally loud and annoyingly long 'bird tweet' sound when you connect via Bluetooth. There's no way you are turning these on without the rest of the house knowing, which at night, is frustrating. There doesn't seem to be a way to turn these sounds off or reduce the volume and this really does need to be resolved to get the 5 stars that they deserve. Please let me know if anyone has found a way to do this... even if it means getting the soldering iron out!


Winner September

Zoltan - Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT
I bought this amp to replace my cheap Chinese TPA3118 2.1 amp for my boombox project. 
This amp has a good quality case, brushed metal box, nicely painted. The dials are turned with a silent "click", it is a joy to play with them. It is important to note that it has a 24V 4A PSU, that is enough for nearly 90W continuous power. 

I use it with BT connection, using it with a Samsung Galaxy phone. Sound is clear, no background noise during playback. The phone BT input is really powerful at max volume, it easily makes the amp clipping at 66-75% of the volume dial, so I keep my phone BT volume around 80%, allowing me a more granular volume control on the amp. 

I made some measurements in stereo mode (not 2.1) with 2*4 Ohm dummy loads, with its default PSU, in BT mode. I have a cheap DSO150 Oscope, so it might not be 100% accurate, but hope it helps. 

Clean power @1KHz (before visible clipping on the sine wave): 13.5-14V, =45-48W clean power / channel (<1%), that is excellent, knowing that the maximum power is 50W. The power supply is probably capable to deliver far beyond its specs, as 100W clean power would require at least 4.5-4.8A, that it can surely produce, at least for a short time. The PSU became only slightly warm during this, no overload protection kicked at maximum clean power at least not during the stress test (1-2 minutes). 

Frequency response is pretty flat vs. 1kHz, though it fades by -3dB above 16kHz:
@30Hz -1.1dB, 
@40Hz -0.6dB
@5kHz -0.3dB
@10kHz -1.6dB
@14kHz -2,4dB
@20kHz -4.6dB

Overall, I like this amp for the price (it is more pricey in Europe, unfortunately). 
It costs more than its noname cousins, but every piece of it tells about the many hours of engineer efforts, to make a decent product overall.


Winner August

Micheal D. - Dayton Audio DSP-408
I strongly recommend this sound processor, based on haptic experience, the computer software as well as the App. Programming very easy and intuitive. Just built a small setup made of a source, an amplifier and a speaker. Installed the app and software on a Samsung tablet. Easy to operate. TOP sound! Very pleased, the DSP is completely noiseless. In the upcoming days I will install the DSP in my car; will report afterwards. So far, I would recommend this purchase, 5 Stars. My Huawei P10 Lite cannot connect via Bluetooth. This is not rooted in the DSP though! It is a well-known Huawei Problem. Therefore, I stick with my initial impression.


Winner July

Arne B. - miniDSP DDRC-22D
The DDRC-22D helps a lot to optimize the low frequencies. Now the bass sounds much more realistic and has more punch in my room. However, the DSP is not suitable for mid and high frequencies, as the processor is obviously too slow and the sound becomes washed out. But that wasn't my intention either because problems with the room acoustics are usually in low frequencies. I only use it up to 350 Hz. For Rock, Pop and Electro music in an average to good system up to 5T€ you can use the DSP well. For a high-end system the DSP is not to be used, since it leads to not insignificant losses of the fine dynamics as well as openness of the sound image.


Winner June

Andrew A. - miniDSP UMIK-1
No hassle, plug and play, easy to download correction file, REW support, what more could you want? Great quality build and portable since it is usb and does not need phantom power. Comes with a simple, small stand of good quality and the USB cable it comes with is a good length. Accuracy of captured results are in line with professional results. Considering price, service and user-friendliness it would be hard to find a better calibration microphone.


Winner May

Manuel Diewald - Dayton Audio RSS315HF-4
Extremely good and accurate subwoofer. For 225 Euros this is a no brainer if you want high quality. Massive double stacked magnet, sturdy cast aluminium basket. Gold spring terminals ready for accepting up to 8 gauge wire. No matter if you listen to fast or slow music this sub is ready for everything you can throw at it. Very clean sound and extremely good lows. Tested with movie scores, techno, EDM, rock/heavy metal, classical and orchestral music. Every note can be heard and felt.Sub is used in a 134 liter ported box with 10% polyfill, tuned to 22hz and powered with a 350 watt plate amp.

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