#17 DIY Project: Ammo Can Speaker

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#17 DIY Project: Ammo Can Speaker

It’s time for a new DIY project! Today we share the project of Myrddin called the ‘Ammo Can Speaker’ made with Dayton Audio and Peerless by Tymphany components.

Today Myrddin shares his project 'The Ammo-Can Speaker'. Before we take you through his progress, we show you the end result:



The Ammo-Can Speaker

The Ammo-Can Speaker project is a robust project! To achieve this robust look, Myrddin has chosen the ND105-4 4" midwoofers by Dayton Audio. These woofers have a robust appearance and provide a sublime sound. The choice for the woofers is mainly based on the good Xmax and on the good looks. Furthermore, they have a wide frequency range and good power handling. The tweeters that Myrddin decided to use are made by Peerless by Tymphany: OC16SC04-04. These 5/8" tweeters are chosen based on format, sensitivity and frequency response. To ensure a good distribution of the sound spectrum, Myrddin used a Dayton Audio 12db High Pass Filter for the tweeters. For the woofers, he used an Air Core Inductor. Myrddin built the battery pack himself with eight 18650 lithium-ion cells (4S-2P). The battery delivers a voltage of 16.8 volts when fully charged and has a capacity of 5.8 Ah (99,44Wh).


The robust appearance of this project is mainly caused by the enclosure. Myrddin used a metal ammunition can. The inside has been reinforced with a sheet of High Pressure Laminate to minimize panel resonances. Myrddin opted for this enclosure because it can take a beating and it looks cool, and we totally agree with him!


Below is a collage of the Ammo-Can Speaker, enjoy!








About Myrdinn

Myrddin is 20 years old, was raised in a musical family and lives close to Amsterdam. He is an aspiring speaker builder and has already completed some nice projects. He has built two sets of bookshelf speakers and many Bluetooth Speakers including the Ammo-Can Speaker. We’ll keep an eye on Myrddin and we are very curious which project he will send us next time!

Used components
Dayton Audio ND105-4 4" Aluminum Cone Midbass Driver 4 Ohm

Peerless by Tymphany OC16SC04-04 5/8'' Fabric Dome Tweeter

Dayton Audio High Pass Speaker Crossover 12 dB/Octave, 4 Ohm


Share your DIY audio project

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  1. Taka Taka

    It looks very cool. However, seems very fragile. Easy get damaged if you bring it outside. Probably it's better to put them some metal wire protection. Anyway, congrats!!

  2. Koen Koen

    It looks like next to the On/Off switch a female dc power jack has been used. You can power the speaker by using a power supply that has the same type of Jack plug. It looks and works quite similar to how a laptop is charged by a power supply.
    Koen - SoundImports

  3. Jakob Metzler Jakob Metzler

    Hey, how did he/you pluged in the Cables. Sorry for the stupid question I am a noob in sound technics! Nice idea!

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