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Gewinner Juni

Am sirichai K. - Blast Box 200 Watt Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit
It is very good, the deep bass blew my mind for how low it can go with such output, all my friends loved it. Had to seal with silicone on the top plastic panel since it needed to be very tight sealed, after that i didnt heard any air noises. I like almost all about it, the only thing that could be better is that the mid speaker shouldnt play that deep, especially when its a little under 60hz. I guess if I put a crossover on it to prevent it from reaching low frequencies, it might be louder and much less distortion, overall I like this kit and reccommend it, not only for those who like to build speakers but also for those planning to buy expensive portable speaker, this kit is by far much better than those famous portable speaker brands like Jbl, even Harman kardon (I have many expensive bluetooth speakers).


Gewinner Mai

les g. - Dayton Audio DAEX25
bought for experimentation on panel speakers. very solidly built, good connections and decent lower levels of sound achieved with self made balsa panels 1 meter x 400 ( with artwork ). A bit light on bass but as expected for 5w exciters, Great value for money and now may try something a bit more ambitious now that I know the basics. Would defenately go back to this supplier for next project. Thanks , Les G

Gewinner April

Ivo N. - Dayton Audio MA1240a
Easy installation and does exactly what it should do. Currently have 3 zones with stereo speakers for Spotify (with audio cast) on a input active base. Amp goes to active within 15 seconds and plays your audio perfectly with great audio quality. No hick-ups or issues, will buy a second one when in need of more zones.
Some of the great options: 
-bridge mode for mono (to be able to set two speakers in parallel)
-input regulation 
-audio input over bus (same audio to all active outputs)

Even my wife loves it!


Gewinner März

Francesco P. - Sure Electronics AA-AB32321
This device works very well it can produce transient, details and grain I like from my diy dipole speaker. Comparing with tpa3116 solutions, there’s a better control of diaphragm motion.
The major issue is related to the gain: too much gain can emphathize noise coming from the sources. I solved the issue by replacing the 3k input resistor with a 6k one, reducing the gain to 26dB: more than enough for my setup. I’m planning to replace or remove completely the input caps to reduce distortion.


Gewinner Februar

Christopher S. - miniDSP DDRC-24 USB DAC Digital Signal Processor
I have a decent setup, a Marantz NA7004 network player, ARCAM A38 amplifier, B&W CM8 speakers but always thought the detail was missing and was considering changing the speakers. I took a chance and gave the DDRC-24 a go. What a difference it's made. Switching DIRAC off the sound seems muffled and blurred, switching back on, full of detail.
Be warned if you get one of these there is no manual supplied with the unit you have to go online to the MiniDsp website and download it and you will need it.
If you are someone who likes things that are just plug and play this isn't for you. If you enjoy tweaking your system then get it. It could be the best upgrade you make.


Gewinner Januar 

Ivaylo H. - Dayton Audio DATS V2 Computer Based Audio Component Test System
A must-have tool if you are building speakers. Besides measuring impedance and phase of speakers, it can also reliably measure inductors and capacitors, so it's really nice to have. Simply love this little thing! It can even do basic oscilloscope functions, but I've never tested it since I already have one. You can also take impedance fingerprint of the whole speaker and compare it to the second speaker- easily catch errors in your schematics.


Gewinner Dezember 

Ben v. - Markaudio Alpair-7MS 4" Full Range Woofer Matched Pair
Nachdem ich den A7 erhalten hatte, habe ich die Frugal-Hörner angebracht und gemessen. Ein paar Korrekturen schienen notwendig. Nach ein paar Messungen und Anpassen des RCL-Kreises kam ich auf 0.68mH/6/8 Ohm/ 5.6 Mikrofarad, parallel geschaltet. Die Messungen sehen nun gut aus, ohne Störgerausche. Die Wiedergabe gefällt mir gut, noch besser als die des A7 gen3. Klang und Atmosphäre werden durch keinen meiner Mehrwege-Lautpsrecher so realistisch wiedergegeben, auch nicht durch einen Kef Reference.


Gewinner November

Quentin C. - Tang Band W3-315E
This review is just based on response testing using a Clio measuring system, not on listening. Will be doing the auditioning later. At present, designing a cross-over for a 3-way system, and this driver is one of a few up for audition as a mid unit once the cross-over variants are all set up for the various contenders. So it is not being assessed as a full-range speaker, though later observations will still apply to full-range use.

The response is nicely linear across the mid frequencies. The problem arises where the published graph shows a gentle rise of about 10dB from about 5KHz to around 12 KHz. The measures response I get shows a much more jagged break-up peak (13dB), and rising more suddenly. Consequently, more elements are needed to tame the response for a 3.5 KHz X-O. I don't favour notch filters (they impart a phasey sound), so a 4th order network is needed with quite strong inductors to give a smooth and reasonably steep roll-off (in real life approximating 2nd order). I had anticipated using less inductance in a 3rd order low-pass stage.

If using as a full-range unit and sound quality are important, some sort of filtering/ attenuation will be needed to control the 12K+ break-up frequencies. Ideally, the unit would hand-over to a super-tweeter to avoid the peaks and associated poor decay at those frequencies, but that rather undermines its use as a full-range unit.

Whether the extra trickery I'm using in the band-pass filter to control this driver will impede the sound quality of the unit remains to be seen. Will update this review at a later point if it's possible to do that, once I have an idea of its sonic qualities.


Gewinner October

David H. - Dayton Audio MK402BT
I bought these after seeing them getting lots of recommendation. After being very disappointed with the sound quality of several cheap Bluetooth speakers I was looking for small, STEREO, with great sound across the spectrum, and reasonably portable. These are just fantastic! I love the sound, which is clear and crisp with plenty of low end. So much more detailed than everything else I've tried. Highly recommended. The only negative, and the reason for losing 1 star, is the loud and annoying 'starwars' sound on start-up, and the equally loud and annoyingly long 'bird tweet' sound when you connect via Bluetooth. There's no way you are turning these on without the rest of the house knowing, which at night, is frustrating. There doesn't seem to be a way to turn these sounds off or reduce the volume and this really does need to be resolved to get the 5 stars that they deserve. Please let me know if anyone has found a way to do this... even if it means getting the soldering iron out!


Gewinner September

Zoltan - Dayton Audio DTA-2.1BT
I bought this amp to replace my cheap Chinese TPA3118 2.1 amp for my boombox project. 
This amp has a good quality case, brushed metal box, nicely painted. The dials are turned with a silent "click", it is a joy to play with them. It is important to note that it has a 24V 4A PSU, that is enough for nearly 90W continuous power. 

I use it with BT connection, using it with a Samsung Galaxy phone. Sound is clear, no background noise during playback. The phone BT input is really powerful at max volume, it easily makes the amp clipping at 66-75% of the volume dial, so I keep my phone BT volume around 80%, allowing me a more granular volume control on the amp. 

I made some measurements in stereo mode (not 2.1) with 2*4 Ohm dummy loads, with its default PSU, in BT mode. I have a cheap DSO150 Oscope, so it might not be 100% accurate, but hope it helps. 

Clean power @1KHz (before visible clipping on the sine wave): 13.5-14V, =45-48W clean power / channel (<1%), that is excellent, knowing that the maximum power is 50W. The power supply is probably capable to deliver far beyond its specs, as 100W clean power would require at least 4.5-4.8A, that it can surely produce, at least for a short time. The PSU became only slightly warm during this, no overload protection kicked at maximum clean power at least not during the stress test (1-2 minutes). 

Frequency response is pretty flat vs. 1kHz, though it fades by -3dB above 16kHz:
@30Hz -1.1dB, 
@40Hz -0.6dB
@5kHz -0.3dB
@10kHz -1.6dB
@14kHz -2,4dB
@20kHz -4.6dB

Overall, I like this amp for the price (it is more pricey in Europe, unfortunately). 
It costs more than its noname cousins, but every piece of it tells about the many hours of engineer efforts, to make a decent product overall.


Gewinner August

Micheal D. - Dayton Audio DSP-408
Sehr empfehlenswerter Soundprozessor. Von der Haptik bis hin zur PC-Software als auch APP. Programmierung sehr einfach und intuitiv. Kleines erstes Setup aus Zuspieler, Verstärker und Lautsprecher aufgebaut. Software und APP auf Samsung Tablet installiert. Und los ging's mit der einfachen Bedienung. Klang des DSPs ist TOP! Sehr erfreulich, der DSP ist absolut rauschfrei. In den kommenden Tagen baue ich den DSP in meinen PKW ein und Berichte dann weiter. Bis jetzt viel Kaufempfehlung und 5 Sterne. Mein Huawei P10 Lite mag sich nicht über Bluetooth koppeln. Das liegt definitiv nicht am DSP! Dies ist ein bekanntes Huawei Problem. Daher auch keine Abzüge bei meiner Bewertung.


Gewinner Juli

Arne B. - miniDSP DDRC-22D
The DDRC-22D helps a lot to optimize the low frequencies. Now the bass sounds much more realistic and has more punch in my room. However, the DSP is not suitable for mid and high frequencies, as the processor is obviously too slow and the sound becomes washed out. But that wasn't my intention either because problems with the room acoustics are usually in low frequencies. I only use it up to 350 Hz. For Rock, Pop and Electro music in an average to good system up to 5T€ you can use the DSP well. For a high-end system the DSP is not to be used, since it leads to not insignificant losses of the fine dynamics as well as openness of the sound image.


Gewinner Juni 

Andrew A. - miniDSP UMIK-1
No hassle, plug and play, easy to download correction file, REW support, what more could you want? Great quality build and portable since it is usb and does not need phantom power. Comes with a simple, small stand of good quality and the USB cable it comes with is a good length. Accuracy of captured results are in line with professional results. Considering price, service and user-friendliness it would be hard to find a better calibration microphone.


Gewinner Mai

Manuel Diewald - Dayton Audio RSS315HF-4
Extremely good and accurate subwoofer. For 225 Euros this is a no brainer if you want high quality. Massive double stacked magnet, sturdy cast aluminium basket. Gold spring terminals ready for accepting up to 8 gauge wire. No matter if you listen to fast or slow music this sub is ready for everything you can throw at it. Very clean sound and extremely good lows. Tested with movie scores, techno, EDM, rock/heavy metal, classical and orchestral music. Every note can be heard and felt.Sub is used in a 134 liter ported box with 10% polyfill, tuned to 22hz and powered with a 350 watt plate amp.



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